IFA 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II coming to the US “later in 2012”

If you're one of the many excited about the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone phablet we have both good and bad news. The good news is Samsung announced it today and it's awesome. The bad news is as we expected it won't be arriving in the US right away. Samsung today has just shed some light on what we can expect in terms of a US launch.

Samsung CEO: Lawsuits won’t hinder our ability to produce the best products

Samsung is rather busy this morning announcing a slew of new products and devices onto the world and Android scene. While speaking on stage here in Berlin, Germany for Samsung Unpacked during IFA 2012 Samsung's CEO made it clear that the Apple lawsuit won't cause any problems. And took the chance to take a shot at Apple -- claiming Samsung makes the best products in the industry. We'd have to agree!

Samsung Galaxy Camera: Hands-on with the 16MP Android snapper

Samsung has thrown its Android and point-and-shoot digital camera teams together, and come up with the Galaxy Camera, an 16-megapixel Android-based snapper with a 21x optical zoom. At first glance more akin to a camera than a phone, the Galaxy Camera includes a 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 HD Super LCD and a 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS, paired with a 23mm wide angle lens and an optical zoom unheard of on handsets.

Samsung Galaxy Note II revealed: We go hands-on!

Samsung's Galaxy Note II, the sequel to the Galaxy Note "phablet," has been officially announced, a 5.5-inch update that makes the pen-equipped device even more useful to digital note-takers. Smoothing out the original Note's blunt edges with a Galaxy S III-inspired curved casing, yet still managing to be just 9.4mm thick and 180g, the Note II boosts screen size by 0.2-inches as well, though notches down the resolution to 1280 x 720.

Sony Xperia T, V, and J smartphones announced at IFA

Sony has just kicked off our week of IFA news with their new Xperia lineup. Announcing new devices in both their smartphone and tablet categories. In a quick and rather light on details event they announced their all new Xperia line to round out 2012 with the all new Xperia T, V, and J -- and yes those are the official names.

Sony Xperia Tablet S gets official with Tegra 3 and ICS for $400

All those leaked pictures and slideshows we saw earlier this month turned out to be quite accurate. Kicking off IFA 2012 here in Berlin, Germany, Sony has just started the week with a slew of announcements. The first one comes in the form of their tablets. They'll be rebranded into the "Xperia" line and it all starts with the sleek Sony Xperia Tablet S.

We’re here live at IFA 2012: Here’s what to expect

It's that time of the year again. Saying hello from Berlin, Germany, we're here at IFA 2012 to capture all the exciting Android news live as it happens. What is IFA you ask? It is essentially the European rival to CES and is an annual event bringing you the latest smartphones, tablets, Smart TV's and other gadgets. Here's what to expect this year.
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