iTunes Radio free vs Google Music’s monthly fee

Yesterday, Apple put all the rumors to rest and officially announced their next entry into the music world with iTunes Radio. A music streaming service from Apple has been speculated about for years, and now that it's finally here we wanted to compare it with Google's offering. Apple is late to the subscription-based streaming party, but have a pretty good plan that has me questioning my Google Music All Access subscription already.

Apple’s iOS 7 and what it means for Android’s future

Today, if you're the type that follows tech and mobile news on any level, surely you saw the flood of Apple and iOS 7 news. The folks from Cupertino announced the all-new and completely redesigned iOS 7 for all their iDevices, and much more. If you missed any of it head to our sister site SlashGear for the details. We're already seeing 'Android vs iOS' posts, or 5 things Apple copied from Android, but to be honest we like it, and I welcome the competition.

GamePop console gains iOS game support, will continue running Android

BlueStacks has announced a new feature for the GamePop game system. The GamePop console was announced a short while back and was immediately thought of as a competitor to other Android game consoles such as the OUYA and GameStick. Of course, in addition to this new feature, the GamePop already had a unique selling point in that it is a subscription based service. Anyway, this latest GamePop announcement is game related and about how it will be able to play iOS games.

iOS classic game iBomber hits the Google Play Store

If you're looking for a casual game to keep you busy this weekend, we have one worth checking out that has been played by millions and millions. It's called iBomber and is a hit iOS game that's been available for a long, long time. A few years too late the game is finally available on Android, but still loads of fun.

Android continues to grow as iOS and BlackBerry shrink

The latest market share numbers are in from Kantar and they are mostly what you would expect to hear. Android continues its steady growth, even if the growth rate for Android isn't exactly spectacular. The numbers also show that iOS has continued its steady decline.

IDC: Tablet shipments on the rise and will overtake PC shipments by 2014

The latest IDC report has been posted and it touches on the topic of the worldwide smart connected device market. IDC notes that this market had crossed 1 billion shipments in 2012 and it shows Apple as pulling in close to Samsung for the fourth quarter of the year. Perhaps more interesting for some, it is looking like a post-PC era is getting closer reality.

Hit iOS game Earn to Die crashes onto Android

Who's ready for some action-packed good old fashion zombie killing? The popular hit game from iOS and desktop PC's Earn to Die has just arrived this week for our Android smartphones and tablets. You'll be able to wreck and drive your way through the zombie apocalypse in no time. Read on for additional details, video, and links to this fun game.

RemotePlay allows you to share media between devices with ease

It's not such a difficult thing to share your favorite media between your Android smartphone and your Android tablet via text messages or e-mail. However, it can be a challenge if you want to do something like share your favorite video between your Android smartphone and something like an iPad. A new app has surfaced that promises to make that sort of sharing easier to accomplish.