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Humble Mobile Bundle 2 arrives with a total of six games

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle has arrived and always, this means you will be able to get a few games at whatever price you determine is fair. The bundle is the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 and includes the following in terms of games; Punch Quest, Bloons TD 5, Time Surfer, Star Command, Ravensworld: Shadowlands and Carmageddon. While it is true that you can set your own price, there is a slight catch.

Humble Bundle beta app arrives on Android

Gamers in the community will probably be familiar with the phenomenon and the distribution model known as the Humble Bundle. The company behind the Humble Bundle has just made public the beta version of its Android app that will let users manage their Android games directly from their devices.

Humble Bundle 6 makes its debut for Android

Nothing is free these days and the world is admittedly getting harder and harder to survive in. That's why the creators of Humble Bundle 6 are asking you to donate some money (any money) to help support the Child's Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and in return you'll get five cool games for your Android device. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Humble Mobile Bundle buyers given a three game bonus

The Humble Mobile Bundle launched a short while back. The initial launch had the bundle with a total of six games, however as of today it looks like there has been a few additions. The mobile bundle (which is aimed entirely towards Android users) is now offering a total of nine games. And yes, these additional three games will be available for those who have already made the purchase as well as for those who are still considering a purchase.

Humble Mobile Bundle brings six Android games

It looks like we have another Humble Bundle that has come available. Well, more specifically, it looks like there are two. There is the Humble Weekly Sale and also the Humble Mobile Bundle. This marks the first of the mobile bundle packs and we have some good news for those reading here -- this one is all for Android users. The Humble Mobile Bundle has six games including Plants vs Zombies.

Humble Bundle for Android 5 brings six games and five soundtracks

The latest Humble Bundle has arrived and once again, it has been done with Android users in mind. This latest is the Humble Bundle 5 and it includes some games and some soundtracks. Specifically, this bundle includes six games and five soundtracks. Perhaps a bit more important though, this bundle continues the tradition of you setting the price and also donating some money to charity.

Four new games added to Humble Bundle for Android 3

Any Humble Bundle veteran knows that the games announced at the beginning of any given promotion are only the preliminary round. Like every Humble Bundle before it, the same holds true for the Humble Bundle for Android 3, as four additional games have been tossed into the mix. You'll have to shell enough to the beat the average purchase price if you want them though, and at the time of this writing, the average sits at $6.17.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 for Android launches

The latest iteration of the Humble Indie Bundle has arrived, and once again, its indie game goodness is being offered on Android. As with past bundles, the Humble Indie Bundle for Android 3 (which is a ridiculous name) lets buyers name their own price on a collection of indie games. A customizable portion of your purchase price goes to charity, so not only do you get a handful of excellent indie games on the cheap, but you also get to feel good about giving some money where it's truly needed.
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