Keep track of your shows with Hulu’s Watchlist

With all the TV shows and movies that you're watching (or even binge-watching), it's sometimes gets hard to keep track of all of them like when there's a new episode or when the next special will be. Unless you're a really organized person who keeps a calendar or list of such things, you'd have to rely on apps to remind you of when and how to watch these videos. But it would be much easier to have this reminder on the streaming service where you watch it right?

Hulu offers free content for Android users

Chances are, most of the video that you consume everyday very rarely come from a real movie screen or an actual television. With video-streaming services (both legit and the spurious ones) available left and right and for all kinds of gadgets, you would of course prefer to be in control of what you consume. Hulu has been one of the pioneers in on-demand video and now, an update for its Android app is offering users a chance to sample some content for free.

Hulu will offer a “selection” of free content on mobile devices

If you're currently watching Hulu on a mobile device you have a Plus subscription. And while the company is not planning to open the doors entirely, they have announced plans to offer some free content on mobile devices. The specifics remain a mystery at the moment, however Hulu did say this was coming in the "summer" and that it would include "a selection of ad-supported full TV episodes on mobile devices."

Hulu Plus closes 2013 with more than 5 million subscribers

It seems 2013 was a good year for Hulu. Or more specifically, for Hulu Plus. The company has shared some numbers and other interesting tidbits, one of which was how they have topped the 5 million mark in terms of subscribers. And interestingly, it was said that more than half of those are streaming exclusively from a mobile device.

Chromecast support in the works from Hulu

It looks like Hulu support will be coming to the Chromecast. There has yet to be a date announced, however statements coming from Hulu rep Meredith Kendall did confirm that work is underway. We will have to keep an eye out for an updated Hulu Plus app to land in the Google Play Store, but in the meantime, the confirmation does give subscribers something to look forward to getting.

Hulu for Android update brings higher-resolution playback

When the Hulu Plus app first came available for Android the updates were all about adding additional device support. Those who remember that time will likely remember that frustration if your device was not on the supported list. And well, it looks like the Hulu Plus app updates have sort of come back to that. Except in this case it is not about device support, but about the higher-resolution playback support.
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