Huawei smartwatch spotted en route to MWC 2014

Rumors had been suggesting Huawei was planning to unveil a smartwatch during Mobile World Congress, and while we have yet to see the announcement, we have gotten a brief look at the watch. En route to Spain, Android Community spotted the watch on an unnamed person from Huawei. We weren't close enough to get a super detailed image, however what we could see does fit in with the image that leaked earlier.

Huawei promising to “Unlock Possibilities” during MWC

We've heard a bit of rumor about Huawei and Mobile World Congress up until this point. Some of the earlier chatter included mention of a smartwatch, a pair of smartphones, and even a tablet. While Huawei hasn't offered up any sort of specific announcement list, they have recently dropped a teaser video. And interestingly, it appears Huawei is doing the teasing using Siri.

Huawei Ascend D3 expected at MWC with octa-core processor

Many have been focused on the Ascend P7 Sophia, however that isn't the only flagship level device we are expecting from Huawei. The company currently has the Ascend D2 (pictured above), and rumor has it that we may be seeing the follow-up device announced later this month during Mobile World Congress. The device will be the Ascend D3 and it is expected to arrive with an octa-core processor.

Huawei Ascend P7 “Sophia” back panel images surface

Leaks surrounding the Ascend P7 seem to be increasing in frequency lately. The handset currently sports a codename of Sophia, and so far, we have still yet to see anything official from Huawei. While that last bit holds true, there has been another leak and this time we are seeing not one, but two new images.

Huawei Ascend P7 “Sophia” press renders leak

Rumors have been suggesting Huawei has plans to announce the Ascend P7 during Mobile World Congress. The company has yet to confirm that, however given the recent increase in rumors, that could likely be when an announcement comes. Anyway, what is believed to be press renders of the Ascend P7 Sophia have recently surfaced.