Huawei shifting focus from US market

We may have recently seen Huawei release the Premia 4G smartphone with MetroPCS here in the US, however it looks like that may not be happening moving forward. Huawei has said they would be shifting their focus from the US market due to "geopolitical reasons." A representative from the company has said they are ready to "face reality" which seems to touch on the recent issues that Huawei were having in the US.

Huawei A199 confirmed as 5-inch mid-tier smartphone

Coming off some recent rumors and leaks, Huawei has officially unveiled the A199 smartphone. The Huawei A199 will be arriving as mid-tier device with specs to include a 5-inch 720p display and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The key here is not so much what the specs are, but where we will and will not be seeing the A199 come available.

Huawei rumors point towards new flagship smartphone

It appears as if details for an upcoming Huawei smartphone have recently leaked. The device, which we have yet to see pictured (below is the Ascend P2) looks to have a decent set of specs which include a 1080p display and quad-core processor. Assuming these details prove to be accurate, the handset will also be rather thin.

Huawei Ascend G700 images leak

The specs are still at a minimum, however we are now being given a rather clear look at the Huawei Ascend G700 smartphone. The images are offering a look at the front and back and appear to be the press shots. Huawei has yet to offer any official details on this particular handset and so far what we are seeing is coming by way of leaks.

Huawei Premia 4G smartphone announced for MetroPCS

It appears to be business as usual for MetroPCS as they have announced their latest smartphone offering. The latest handset to join the lineup is the Huawei Premia 4G. The handset arrives in traditional MetroPCS fashion, which is really just to say that it is a contract-free device and eligible for the unlimited talk, text and data plans which start at $40 per month.

Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue spec sheet leaks

The low-budget Android tablet market will be seeing another addition to the group. Huawei plans on releasing another low-end 7-inch tablet dubbed the Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue. The device was leaked by none other than EVLeaks. It appears that the device was certified back in February 22nd. It also appears that there may be two variants of the tablet released, although they will stay under the same name.

Huawei Prism II leaks for T-Mobile

T-Mobile currently has the Huawei Prism as a no-annual contract device and assuming this latest leak proves accurate -- the carrier will soon be launching the follow up device. The recent leak is showing the Huawei U8686, which will launch with T-Mobile as the Prism II. We have yet to see if this will land in the post-paid or pre-paid lineup, however we expect that it will be low priced either way.

Huawei Ascend P2 hands-on

Last year Huawei announced one of the world's thinnest smartphones in the Ascend P1 smartphone, and as expected, this year at Mobile World Congress they've just detailed its successor. The Ascend P2 is here complete with an HD display, 13 megapixel, and more yet still comes in super sleek. We've seen a few leaks already, but check out the hands-on pictures and all the details below.