• HTC Lock Screen gets Material Design, new features

    If you have an HTC device, then you must have been happy when sometime last year, they launched an app on Google Play Store that was just previously available for the newer smartphones like the HTC One M8. The HTC Lock Screen is

    May 8, 2015 • Views: 442

  • HTC revenue down by 40 percent last month

    HTC could be going down. Well, it's too early to say but sales are hurting. Revenue declined by 40 percent this April and reason could be because of the Qualcomm S810 processor bringing some thermal issues to the new HTC One M9.

    May 6, 2015 • Views: 283

  • Plastic variant of the HTC M9+ spotted at TENAA

    If you're waiting for the HTC One M9 Plus to arrive in the United States, I can't assure you that the bigger sibling of the HTC One M9 is coming. The phone may only be available in Asia but a recent TENAA certification gives us

    May 4, 2015 • Views: 146

  • HTC One mini, mini 2 not getting a taste of Lollipop

    We've been giving the premium HTC One M9 and the One M9+ a lot of attention lately but we're not completely forgetting about the mid-range HTC One mini and mini 2. If you're an owner of any of the two models, sad to say, but your

    May 4, 2015 • Views: 138

  • HTC One M9 now supports RAW photo files

    The camera of HTC's new flagship, the One M9, may have received some early criticism (or praise, if you hated the one before) for changing it up from the highly-touted Ultrapixel to their current 20MP camera, but it's now

    May 1, 2015 • Views: 241

  • HTC to Ink up its One M9 in bespoke special edition

    The HTC One M9 may already be getting good reviews and if you like a little art in your devices, you might give this one a go as well. The OEM is teaming up with a supermodel and a tattoo artist to be part of the bespoke

    April 30, 2015 • Views: 360

  • HTC One M9 review; newer, but not much better

    By now, you’ve heard both sides of the argument. Either the HTC One M9 is a fantastic update of the One M8, or it’s iterative and boring. The camera is either ‘just fine for normal use’, or severely lacking. On paper, the

    April 30, 2015 • Views: 5970

  • LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9

    Now that LG has finally unveiled the G4, all gloves are off in the 2015 flagship showdown. Unless, of course, you're still waiting for the non-Xperia Z4 coming from Sony later this year. But for now, it's time for the big three

    April 29, 2015 • Views: 727

  • HTC Butterfly 3 specs leak, probably for Asian market only

    As with the previous two smartphones in HTC’s Butterfly product line, rumors are pointing to a device primarily targeted towards Asian markets. We haven’t heard much in the way of specs for this upcoming device. But that was

    April 27, 2015 • Views: 193

  • HTC ad pokes fun at Samsung, iPhone owners in new ad

    When you make ads that poke fun at your rivals, sometimes it can hit the mark and be hilarious rather than catty (see early Samsung ads mocking Apple) or it can totally fail and not be funny at all (see latter Samsung ads mocking

    April 27, 2015 • Views: 183