ASUS may be considering acquiring HTC

They may be two of the biggest OEMs from Taiwan, but that doesn't mean that all is rosy in the garden for ASUS and HTC. While ASUS has much better prospects, they are relatively a new player in the smartphone market. Meanwhile, HTC has been dealing with the disappointment with their latest flagship, the One M9, and also the consequences of financial losses in the market. So what is the solution for the two? It may be to join forces, rather than do it on their own.

HTC One M9 Ink limited edition handset now available for pre-order

At the end of April, we told you about this new limited edition smartphone that HTC is coming up for their new flagship, the One M9, which is part of their bespoke collection. This time it was a collaboration between British artist tattooist Cally Jo Pothecary and supermodel Jourdan Dunn for an etching into the back of their brand new smartphone. Now, HTC has announced they are officially opening pre-orders, or rather, pre pre-orders for the special device.

HTC officially outs new One ME

After weeks of speculation, leaks, and rumors, HTC has finally announced the new One ME. We first thought it would be the HTC One ME9 but dropping the '9' makes more sense so here it is now. The HTC One ME is another premium phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. Unit is the first to be powered by the 64-bit 2.2 GHz octa-core Mediatek Helio X10 processor. This one looks a lot like the One E9+ and One M9+ you'd think nothing much has changed if you're not very observant.

HTC Desire 510 and 1 Yr of FreedomPop make a fine pair [DEALS]

Remember our previous hot bundle that let you grab a Nexus 5 and 1 year of unlimited talk and text on FreedomPop? While that offer's long gone, you can still have bit of a taste, this time with a different but still budget friendly smartphone from HTC. In our latest time-limited offer here at Android Community Deals, you can grab an HTC Desire 510 together with a hassle-free unlimited year of FreedomPop service, all for a sweet 47 percent discounted price of $249.99 instead of the full $475.

HTC WF5w is HTC’s slimmest phone, certified by TENAA

If you think of HTC and its flagship devices, you probably would have to search high and low for something slim and sexy. That is until today, when China’s TENAA (FCC equivalent) certified an HTC smartphone coded as the HTC WF5w – probably the slimmest HTC device at 7.49mm. Let’s look at what we can learn about this previously unannounced device.

HTC One ME9 might be known as just the HTC One ME

Remember the HTC One ME9? The next smartphone from HTC has been leaked the past weeks and now Upleaks is saying the phone could be called as the HTC One ME. Dropping the '9' from the name makes sense because it might confuse people since there's the HTC One M9 and HTC One M9+ already. Leaked unit is also known this early as the HTC Hima Ace according to Upleaks who share another set of photos and specifications.

DxOMark outs ratings for HTC One M9, mild improvement from M8

DxOMark is one of the industry leaders in providing hardware ratings for photo imaging and video for mobile devices. Basically, they test the heck out of the device and rate it according standards based on common attributes in cameras – including contrast quality, color capture, autofocus capabilities, texture, noise and artifacts in the images, among others. Their most recent target is the current HTC flagship, the HTC One M9.
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