HTC Grip launch postponed, deferred to later this year

People were looking forward to taking a look at the first wearable that HTC was launching, the HTC Grip fitness band, a partnership with sports brand Under Armour. First introduced back at the World Mobile Congress last March, the Grip was supposed to be the first in a line of health-related wearable devices, but it seems that the Taiwanese OEM has changed its mind and would like to go back to the drawing board instead of releasing something that may have been half-baked.

Top 10 smartphones of the first half of 2015 from AnTuTu

Looking back to Q1 of 2015 and AnTuTu’s revelation of which smartphones reigned their benchmarking databases for the early part of the year, we see Samsung’s dynamic duo – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge – dominating those rankings, with HTC’s One M9 not so far back at third spot. The China-based benchmarking outfit has now released its data for the first half of the year, crowning 10 smartphones as top of the pile – at least, the ones that have been benchmarked by their app.

Latest version of Snapdragon 810 used in HTC One M9

There's so much to say about the issues the HTC One M9 is facing. HTC's latest flagship has been under fire for a charging issue which we thought was Google Photos fault at first but it's not. When it first came out, there was also a camera issue which was quickly resolved after an update. And because of that, HTC believes that it can beat the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 as the company recently proven in a series of tests.

Europe to finally receive the HTC One M9+, still no word on US launch

A few months ago, HTC quickly rolled out the One M9's bigger sibling. This One M9+ impressed the market but unfortunately, we were told it would only be released in Asia. But good news to those who've been wanting to get the device, it's finally coming to Europe. Well, still no word if it will be available in the United States but this release could just be the first outside the region.

HTC to launch Desire 520, 526, 626, and 626S across US carriers

What’s next for HTC? Well, apparently we’re in for a refresh of their Desire product line – with the Taiwan-based device manufacturer opting to spread its new phones across US mobile carriers. The new phones coming out will be the HTC Desire 520, 526, 626, and the Desire 626S – all with undeniable midrange quality, plus some surprising features here and there.

Mugen extended battery case for HTC One M9 gives twice the charge

The HTC One M9 is one of the better reviewed new flagships from this year's batch. But one of the most common complaints about this is that the battery life isn't all that great. So unless you want to constantly be looking for a wall socket to charge your device when you're on the go, your best bet would be to either get a power bank or to just get one of those battery cases, like the Mugen Power 3700mAh Extended Battery Case.

Android top in the US but not Europe; Galaxy S6 sales boost Samsung

We've been wondering if the good reviews of Samsung's new flagship, the Galaxy S6 will translate to sales to help boost the previous smartphone champs. The number (at least from Kantar) are in, and it looks like they have indeed helped the OEM regain top spot in the US, becoming the third best-selling smartphone in the country, just after the iPhone 6 and Samsung's previous flagship, the Galaxy S5. Android has also continued to regain the top spot in the US when it comes to sales, but in Europe's big five, it's still a no go.

HTC not keen on a merger with Asustek

Mere days after ASUS chairman Johnny Shih acknowledged that they are not ruling out acquiring fellow Taiwanese OEM HTC (and then their subsequent denial that they are doing so), the latter came out with their own statement saying that they will "not consider a merger with Asus." The statement was posted on the stock exchange website of Taiwan, and was in response to the comments made by Shih during the annual general meeting.
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