HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid Ice Cream Sandwich update hands-on

HTC promised, and for at least a handful of AT&T customers, they delivered. Earlier today a few lucky HTC Vivid owners found an official Ice Cream Sandwich update making its way to their phones. Apparently it's either a pre-release build that was sent out accidentally or AT&T's scheduling is just mixed up, because they pulled the update almost immediately and said it would be ready "soon". But of course, Android modders can't really be stopped once a ROM is loose, and thanks to some of the fine folks at the XDA forums, we've managed to get ICS up and running on our HTC Vivid review unit.

HTC Vivid Android 4.0 ICS update available now from AT&T — unofficially

It looks like users of the HTC Vivid 4G LTE smartphone over on AT&T may have a tasty frozen treat waiting for them today. Yes this is the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update with the new HTC Sense UI 3.6 experience. Sadly AT&T has announced that the update is not, i repeat NOT rolling out, although multiple users have received it and a little trick will get you the update today. No hacking or root required.

HTC Velocity gets ICS update in Australia

It's just raining Ice Cream for Android this week. Telstra customers in Australia are reporting that the HTC Velocity (known as the Vivid in the US and Raider in some other territories) is receiving an over the air update to Android 4.0. This comes at almost the exact same time that Samsung Galaxy S II owners in continental Europe and South Korea are getting their updates. The update includes HTC Sense 4.0 that's found on the new HTC One series, though it's reportedly significantly faster than the previous 3.5 build on the Velocity.

Android Community Weekly: March 10, 2012

We've had another week of excellent tech news, now here's your wrap-up! There were a few rumors circulating this week that ASUS would be the manufacturer of the first Nexus tablet. We had even thought it could be called the "Google Play", but it turned out that Google Play was the rebranded name of the Android Market. After the Google Play Store was rolled out to devices everywhere, it was breaking the Market for many Motorola devices. Fortunately, they've already pushed an update to v3.4.7 and it managed to fix the problem. And if you all have recently wondered where your Android Market went, it was replaced entirely, so you'll need to find it in your app drawer under Google Play Store.

Android Community Evening Wrap-Up: March 5, 2012

We hope everyone started off the their work week well, and even though you may have been busy - we're here with the daily wrap-up to make sure you didn't miss anything. Early this morning, word got out that "Key Lime Pie" may be the next version of Android OS, after "Jelly Bean". Bear in mind, this is still a rumor at this point, and the information comes straight from a tip over at The Verge. Another rumor that followed, is that ASUS could be the manufacturer for the Google Play or 'Nexus' tablet. We had known Google was preparing a "tablet of the highest quality" for some time now, but that's pretty much it.

HTC Vivid update to ICS, Sense 4.0, and Beats Audio in the coming weeks

We've been hearing little details regarding the upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from many different manufacturers each week since ICS was first announced. HTC has provided multiple updates regarding their popular lineup of phones but today AT&T has hinted that the HTC Vivid 4G LTE smartphone will be getting said update "in the coming weeks", making us believe it is coming rather soon.

HTC catches a break: Velocity likely to be first LTE Android phone in Europe

News from HTC has been mostly gloom and doom as of late, after some poor 2011 results and gloomy Q1 2012 predictions. But today the struggling manufacturer finally gets a bit of good PR: it'll be the first to launch an Android phone with an LTE connection in Europe. The Unwired reports that the HTC Velocity (better known to US Android enthusiasts as the Vivid) will launch on Vodafone Germany soon, making a milestone for the currently small LTE options on mainland Europe.

HTC Velocity 4G LTE heads to Telstra

Down under in Australia HTC is set to unleash their newest and fastest 4G LTE equipped smartphone to Telstra. We know it here in the states as the HTC Vivid and previous leaks (even down under) had it titled the HTC Holiday. This 4.5" screen packing LTE smartphone is headed to Telstra and according to HTC is "coming soon".

All new HTC phones get unlockable bootloaders, don’t ask Verizon or AT&T

Earlier today we reported that HTC's official bootloader unlock program on had been updated to work with the Evo View 4G and the MyTouch 4G Slide. That's true. A few users have found that the update also works with AT&T's HTC Vivid and Verizon's HTC Rezound, though those models don't appear anywhere on HTCDev's documentation. Now the company has come right out and said it: all devices released after September of 2011 are unlockable using the official method.

HTC gets cease and desist for Vivid smartphone from porn firm

Earlier this month we got hands on with our review of the HTC Vivid smartphone. We thought the device was nice with good build quality, but it had a sub-par battery that left some to be desired. If you like that smartphone you might want to get one now. Apparently, HTC has received a cease and desist order from a porn company called Vivid Entertainment.
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