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HTC Rezound Review

The HTC Rezound is not the nicest HTC device to have been released thus far to the market here in the USA, but it certainly does have all the features that make it one of the best smartphones on Verizon, and certainly one of the top two LTE devices today. In the following review I'm going to prove to you why if you're in the market for an HTC LTE device, this is your very best choice, that if you're in the market for the best HTC device on the market, you'd better go with the Sensation, and finally why if you want the most iconic, memorable, and well supported devices on Verizon you may well be better off going with the DROID RAZR.

HTC Rezound official: HTC’s first 720p phone heads for Verizon

At an HTC event in New York City today, the manufacturer announced its latest and greatest Verizon 4G LTE phone, the HTC Rezound. The phone has been leaked to blazes and back, but it's good to finally get confirmation on this piece of high-end hardware. The 1.5Ghz dual-core Gingerbread smartphone is HTC's first with a 720p display, stretching 1280 x 720 pixels across a 4.3-inch screen. The Rezound was previously codenamed the Vigor.

HTC Rezound gets unboxed and handled on camera

The unreleased and still not fully confirmed HTC Rezound for Verizon Wireless has just been unboxed -- sort of. While we have a plain white box and what is surely not anything official and merely a pre-production unit. We do have all the wrapping paper, cables, chargers and what looks to be what will come with the device once shipped although I didn't see any Beats headphones. Thanks to WorldofJohnBoy we have a video for you after the break.

HTC Rezound shows up in Verizon store ads

HTC has a New York City event scheduled for this Thursday, November 3rd, wherein the Rezound is expected to make its much-anticipated first appearance. It looks like that's being corroborated by at least one Verizon Wireless store, which has posted a digital ad featuring the Rezound next to its carrier predecessors, the LG Revolution and DROID BIONIC. Also prominently featured are Beats headphones, definitely indicating that the device will feature the audio additions of HTC's subsidiary.

Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound priced at $299 on Verizon, ads start 11-10

Whoa, Nelly! Verizon's list of upcoming devices has leaked, and it includes a couple of names that should turn heads. Both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Rezound are listed at $299 with advertisements beginning on November 10th. Between this Droid-Life leak and a good bit of earlier info, this leaves little doubt that both devices will find there way onto Verizon's shelves next month.

HTC Vigor to have Beats audio and LTE onboard

Shortly following the recent leaks of various software aspects of the HTC Vigor, those who did some digging in the files leaked have found some interesting pieces of information that bring some device information to light. Though the leak seemed to be of relatively insignificant wallpapers and screenshots, new information was gleaned from the files, and the lack of some elements bring questions to the table.

HTC Vigor leaks… in pieces

The rumored HTC Vigor, named to be successor to the Droid Incredible 2, has leaked its boot animation sequence, defaulted wallpapers, including its live wallpaper, in addition to the notifications and default ringtones on the device. The boot sequence also confirms some expected features of the phone. As reported previously, reports have placed the Vigor potentially releasing by October 13th. Specifications for the phone include a dual-core 1.5 GHZ processor, a 4.3" HD screen (720p), and Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. The device has also been cleared through the FCC as an LTE device, bringing another 4G option for Verizon. While the leak only provides image files the live wallpaper can be installed to your device if you so desire. Earlier we had announced leaked live images of the device, and they can be found here. It's good to see that Verizon is providing other alternatives to the Droid Bionic for those seeking an LTE device. [via Android Police]

HTC October 6 event could deliver Euro HTC Vigor

The HTC Vigor could make its official debut in early October, with the news that HTC UK is sending out invites for a "press conference and party" on October 6. While the company has told us it cannot confirm details about the event - and asked that we not mention where in London it will take place - the language indicates this will be another of the company's high-profile public events. Saved for the firm's more significant launches, and usually announced at the HTC UK Facebook page, these parties give would-be buyers a chance to play with new smartphones well ahead of retail availability. Although the early October timeline could indicate Windows Phone 7 related news, the fact that HTC has already announced its new Mango-based line-up suggests it's Android that's on the cards. Most likely candidate, then, is the HTC Vigor, which is expected to see the company debut a 4.3-inch 1280 x 720 HD-capable display. Running what's believed to be the same 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor as in the new Sensation XE, in addition to an 8-megapixel main camera, the Vigor has been described to Android Community as the first HTC handset to include Beats Audio in its design "from the ground up." Update: To be clear, we're talking about a European version of the Vigor, seeing as that specific handset is expected to be a Verizon CDMA model. Update 2: Reader Carl suggests it could be the European HTC Bass that HTC is revealing, though that handset is expected to be unveiled in the US tomorrow. [via SlashGear]

HTC Vigor named the HTC DROID Incredible HD

When we first heard the name HTC Vigor we all knew it was a codename and we'd eventually hear Verizon and HTC's plan on a name. While we've seen plenty of leaks it appears the new name has finally been decided. The HTC Vigor will be the first HD phone to market as the HTC DROID Incredible HD and feature a 1280x720p HD display.
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