HTC Thunderbolt

Android Community Weekly: September 3, 2011

To start off September, we have a massive amount of tech news to present in this issue of Android Community Weekly! Sunday, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE were officially announced. Later on, we ran across a recently initiated build of CyanogenMod 7 for none other than the HP TouchPad. Which build will have full functionality first? CM7 or the Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) port that’s also in the works?

HTC Thunderbolt gets a new Gingerbread build leaked

HTC's Thunderbolt was cutting edge when it launched as the first phone to use Verizon's blazing 4G LTE network. Unfortunately it also launched a version behind with Froyo, and still hasn't received an official update from Verizon. Luckily, as is tradition, test builds have been leaked and the vert latest RUU (HTC's flashable ROM format) is available at XDA.

HTC Thunderbolt Official 2.3 Gingerbread Build Leaked

If you are one of the many using the HTC Thunderbolt and have watched almost every other HTC device over at Verizon and elsewhere get updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, well we have some good news, sort of. While the update is still not ready for prime-time for some odd reason the official build has indeed been leaked. You can download and give it a run now, but most likely that bootloader hole has been filled.

[Deal] HTC Thunderbolt Just $59 at Wirefly

Oh Snap! Wirefly is at it again offering extremely low prices on the phones we love the most. Last we saw they had the Thunderbolt for $99 but this is a new low. Right now you can get the HTC Thunderbolt with those 4G LTE speeds for just $59 at Wirefly (with a new contract). Sadly these deals are for new contracts only but if you're not in contract feel free to cancel and sign a new one to get this steal while it lasts.

Wireless Battery Covers for the Thunderbolt, Droid 3, and Revolution Now Available

Inductive battery covers will charge your smartphone and do it wireless. With inductive charger battery covers you simply lay the device on the charging pad and zooooom, battery gets full. We have heard and seen these before and the Thunderbolt cover recently hit store shelves. It looks like the inductive covers for the Droid 3, Revolution and the Thunderbolt are all in stock and available from Verizon.

[Deal] HTC Thunderbolt Only $99 at Wirefly

Wirefly is famous for offering great phones at low prices occasionally. Back in June they had 20 Android phones all free. Obviously with a deal this good there has to be a catch right? These offers are only with a new 2-year contract. If you've been eying a new Thunderbolt you can get it now for only $99 as long as you sign a new 2-year contract.

HTC Thunderbolt May be Free in Next Verizon Promo

Verizon may have a new promotion kicking off soon and you could get that awesome HTC Thunderbolt for the low low price of FREE! Obviously that is with a new 2-year contract signing of some sort but a Thunderbolt for free sure does sound awesome. If you look at the ad you might also see the Droid X for $99 but listed as "certified pre-owned". Users might be able to get the Droid X for only $99 and that is a deal in itself.
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