HTC Thunderbolt

HTC ThunderBolt Rooftop Ad Released

Oh man the ThunderBolt has such big potential for amazing commercials that we're surprised there haven't been more of them. This is the first commercial we've seen post-MWC 2011 (isn't it funny that conventions have become our holiday markers?) Have a look at it below and let us know if it pumps you up to the level that tiny announcements about its release date and pricing do. Then, just for kicks, tell us if you actually know how fast and nice the phone is, or if you're just super excited because clearly ThunderBolt is the greatest name for a phone since BlackBerry.

HTC ThunderBolt Release Date Confirmed by BGR

As you may already know, the release date for the HTC ThunderBolt that's been spreading around the streets like a fine butter has last been reported as February 24th, 2011. Now, our good pal Jonathan S Geller of Boy Genius Report (BGR) has also confirmed that date, so we can basically etch that in stone. BGR never lies, ever. Their source has locked down the release date for the HTC ThunderBolt to February 24th, and that's both at Best Buy and Verizon Wireless.

Wirefly unboxes the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt

Wireless retailer Wirefly has unboxed a pre-production model of the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and posted the video on Youtube.  The phone comes in a mysterious black package that has all the traditional accouterments.  And aside from some slightly comedic difficulty getting the phone out of the box, there's some really interesting details.

Verizon rumored to offer 4G plans at 3G rates

With presales having begun for the HTC Thunderbolt with Verizon, the wireless carrier is rumored to planning to continue their 4G LTE data service at existing 3G data rates. Originally tested last December, the $30 price point will, however, probably involved a restrictive data cap to keep heavy users from bogging down the network.  Originally, in limited markets, 4G was to carry an additional $10 a month price point. But since Verizon is rolling it's LTE network in over 200 cities nationwide, perhaps there's not longer a need to charge the additional fees.

HTC ThunderBolt Given Away Free at Verizon Locations Feb 12

It has begun! The free wars. Not that giving away smartphones for free (with contract) is a brand new idea, but giving away a phone of this magnitude certainly is a bold move by Verizon. Apparently if you attend the grand opening of at least one Verizon location in Northampton, MA, you'll be eligible to win a basically free HTC Thunderbolt and walk out of the store with it that day. Everyone else in the world who isn't inside the network will have to wait until February 14th for the honor of holding this phone for their very own.

Motorola XOOM and HTC ThunderBolt Release Dates Confirmed

Well would you look at that. A Best Buy in Grand Rapids, Michigan seems to have revealed to the world the release dates of both the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet AND the HTC ThunderBolt. The XOOM will be released on February 24th, while the ThunderBolt will be out on the 14th of February. Sounds like we've got a full and joyous month ahead of us. Not that we wouldn't have already had a full an joyous month what with Mobile World Congress on the horizon, but heck, here's the juicy bits right back in the states!

HTC ThunderBolt Presales Superbowl Sunday

Word on the street is that not only will the HTC ThunderBolt be coming sooner than expected, it'll be up for presale reservations this Sunday. And not only that, the ThunderBolt will be available at Best Buy, a company that's also about to release their "Future-Proof" program which allows you to bring your phone back to the store you purchased it at for credit toward another phone which you'll undoubtedly be able to keep on the same plan.


It's Honeycomb Day, and not just here on Android Community, on SlashGear and SlashPhone as well, so today's World Famous First Paragraph has links from all over the R3 Network. Check it out! Start your sweet day off right with a chomp on the Full Pre-Game Review of Honeycomb. Next, seek the insides of Android 3.0 with us at the big event at Google! It all began with Honeycomb's Notification System, then the speakers went on to App Optimization, took you down Notifications Bar road, and rounded out the system with , and while you're at it, have a look at the reason the Motorola XOOM looks so good: Honeycomb's "Render Script" for Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics. Watch the Googlers speak to Cee-Lo Green in the Chat Program and check out several other examples of Honeycomb's 3D rendering technology. Then comes the stuff that affects us right now, TODAY! First of all the Android Market Web store, complete with purchase online and download from the cloud technology, Android In-App Purchases, and a general "looks awesome" feeling about the whole situation. After the presentations, we got to get our hands on the XOOM in more ways than one: Motorola XOOM [XOOM Perspective] and Motorola XOOM [Android 3.0 Honeycomb Perspective]. Next, see the Android Community App shine instantly, and without glitch on this same lovely tablet.
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