HTC Thunderbolt

HTC ThunderBolt Already in Stores, Just Not for Sale Yet [INSIDE SOURCE]

So here we've got quite an interesting situation - our pals over at SentNation have had a conversation with their Verizon Wireless contact who has not only all but guaranteed a March 10th release date for the HTC ThunderBolt, they've noted threats from HTC deciding the fate of advertisements for the phone and possible consequences for Verizon if they did not release the phone soon! In all, the most important thing to take away from the conversation had between this publisher and their Verizon source is that tensions are running high, but it'll mean a solid release date for everyone who's been chomping at the bit since the first time they saw the lightening strike.

HTC Thunderbolt Verizon In-Store Pamphlet boasting 4G speeds

HTC Thunderbolt: It's not your dream phone, it's the one after that. As if my last story about the Thunderbolt wasn't enough, We now have news of some In-Store Verizon pamphlets showing a little more details about the device. Our friends over at Phandroid have got some pictures of the pamphlet Verizon will be using to push the launch of the device. As you look through the pages it boasts some good information.

HTC Thunderbolt’s main delay rumored to be due to poor battery life

Word has gotten out that what's causing one delay after another on the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt is poor battery life and HTCs frustrations with finding a way to fix it. Benchmarks at HTC are rumored to indicate that the best they've been able to do is three to four hours of battery life running the LTE/4G connectivity. Being that LTE is the hallmark of the Thunderbolt's performance, that simply will not do, so the Thunderbolt is delayed. AGAIN.

T-Mobile Hates on iPhone Team in Study

Citing a third party speed comparison in two major metropolitan areas, T-Mobile has published results that predictably puts them on top with their 4G network, while skewering AT&T and Verizon's iPhones as being as slow as a rabbit beating the turtle. In addition to claiming a speed advantage over the iPhone thanks to it's Samsung Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile also points out that their 4G data plans start at just $10 a month, while AT&T and Verizon start at $15 and $30 respectively. Now, to be fair, the Galaxy S does run on T-Mobile's 4G network, while both AT&T and Verizon have the iPhone 4 on a 3G network. But while T-mobile wants to compare the iPhone to the Galaxy S as a tortoise to a hare, is it really more comparing apples to oranges?

ThunderBolt Available in HTC Store, But No Checkout

An intrepid or otherwise heavily obsessed fan of the upcoming HTC ThunderBolt has been poking around the HTC store online, today finding a way to actually get the ThunderBolt in their cart. Sadly, all this amounts to is shattered dreams as the phone is just in the system, not available for purchase. To do this, all you've got to do is copy an address, paste an address, change a number, and submit! So simple. Maybe it's better that you don't even try it - no more tears.

HTC Thunderbolt has been Delayed again

Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt has been under a slew of delays and bad news lately. It's a shame because it is such a great device. Today a tweet by @BestBuy129 from California confirms that the Thunderbolt has been delayed once again. Now they are saying It looks like it "may" launch on Thursday, March 4th. That still doesn't sound very convincing either. Sorry to break it to you all waiting to get yours hands on this 4G beast.

Samsung Mystery Phone gets MAP designation at Verizon

Samsung’s newest mystery phone has gotten a MAP price designation on Verizon's website. MAP, standing for "minimum advertised price," is a designation given to a phone when it's ready to be advertised and the launch date is about to be set. The new phone, known as the SCH-i510, has been speculated to compete with the HTC Thunderbolt, and as such, is likely to go for around $250 with a two year contract from Verizon, or around $750 unsubsidized. But what do we know about this phantom phone?

HTC Thunderbolt Skype video support slips

The bad news continues to mount for the HTC Thunderbolt as word is getting around that video chat using Skype will not be available when the 4G phone reaches customers on February 28th. A leaked page from shows Skype's video chat feature will not be available as planned. But slipped dates are nothing new for this HTC Phone. As you recall from last week, it's launch date slipped a week. So chances are, we'll see Skype video calling down the road, but the question is, when?

HTC Thunderbolt Price goes up at Best Buy

Bad news for Android fans hoping to pick up the HTC Thunderbolt at Best Buy. Last week, we reported Best Buy ad was listing the Thunderbolt at $249, but it seems that's no longer the case. The latest ad, listed in Best Buy's online buyer's guide, now shows a $50 price increase to $299 on a two year contract with Verizon. With an unsubsidized price of $749 as well, are smartphones reaching a point where they're just too expensive?
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