HTC Status

HTC Status Hands-On and Unboxing

It's Facebook time again! We've got our hands on the HTC Status, aka the HTC ChaCha, aka one of two Facebook phones as released on AT&T for the greater good of Facebook fun in the USA. This device is one announced with a slew of ultra-fantastic HTC devices back at Mobile World Congress 2011, this again one of several that were not allowed to be touched at the time. We've got mega hands-on action coming at you now though, all if it personal and in-tune! The following is the initial look at this device, simple and smooth, then it's time for you to ask all the questions and we'll let loose - ANSWERS GALORE!

HTC Status Shows Off That Facebook Button on Video

Exciting, what do we have here? Some videos of the HTC Status showing off that lovely dedicated Facebook button. In case you've missed the commotion the HTC Status features full Facebook integration as well as a dedicated Facebook button. It was recently officially announced, and is now available for pre-order. AT&T was nice enough to tip of about a few videos they have for everyone to see this "Facebok Phone" in action.

HTC Status Announced for AT&T, Here comes the Facebook Phone

In case you missed it HTC has been brewing what some have been calling a "Facebook Phone" and today HTC and AT&T have officially announced that it will indeed be headed to the U.S. cleverly named the HTC Status. You have probably seen the HTC ChaCha name a few times and they are basically twins. Feel free to check out our man Chris Davies review of the HTC ChaCha for a better idea of the hardware.
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