HTC Sense UI

Android 3.0 Won’t Stop HTC From Using Sense

When news about Google doing everything they could to revamp Android's stock User Interface in the upcoming 3.0 update, better known as Gingerbread, broke, everyone was immediately asking the necessary questions: what about all the companies out there that have implanted their own custom skins? Of all of them, HTC's Sense UI is probably the best known, and most widely desired. If you were worried that HTC wouldn't be able to use Sense on Gingerbread, you can start breathing a bit easier now.

HTC Magic will get Android 2.2, According to SFR

Most Android Smartphones released this year will receive the Android 2.2 Froyo. If you have a 2009 HTC Magic, then you might receive the Android 2.2 Froyo as well. France's 2nd largest largest mobile carrier SFR officially announced the Magic will be receiving the Froyo update.

Google to Focus on UI for Gingerbread

No, that title isn't a code for something else. Though, it could be. (We'll let your imagination race.) According to some sources speaking with TechCrunch, it looks like Google's going to go ahead and (basically) pull a Microsoft: with the next release of Android, they want to make it so that handset manufacturers, like HTC and Motorola, have no reason to put their own User Interface customizations on the device.

HTC Liberty Shows Itself Off on Video, Heading to AT&T [Video]

There's a point where marketing takes a turn that no one expects. Sure, we can bet that a company will go all-out for a phone they think is going to be a huge hit. And then there's another way to get your point across. Almost subliminally, in fact. Take, for example, this short testing video made by AT&T. In it, amongst some other information that will probably be only interesting to a few out there, you'll get your first glimpse of the HTC Liberty.

HTC myTouch 3G Slide for T-Mobile Review

When T-Mobile announced the myTouch 3G, it was almost immediately welcomed warmly into the Android family. With the exception of, perhaps, the name, the myTouch 3G saw a wide adoption, as people jumped on board the Android train. And now that it's been out for some time, and it's seen a couple of "refreshes," T-Mobile and HTC have seen fit to add a new model to the family. So here we are with the myTouch 3G Slide, which adds a bigger screen, a bit more bulk, and a physical keyboard. But, with all those additions, does the Slide hit the nail right on the head, or is it not enough to be a warm new welcome to the family name? Find out below.

HTC EVO 4G for Sprint Reviewed by All Things D

You know there's a new gadget hitting the market when all sorts of sites, all over the Internet, start releasing reviews. And, sure enough, the HTC EVO 4G is no exception. The legendary Walter Mossberg has had his hands on the 3G/WiMax handset for about a week now, and his review reflects his tests with the device in two different cities. However, while he does a good job of outlining why people would want the phone, he seems to focus on one thing, and one thing only: the battery.

Droid Incredible by HTC Shown Off on Video, Pre-Orders Starting Sunday [Video]

When it comes to phones, especially major releases, we are always counting down. Counting down to the next big release. For most, the Droid Incredible by HTC is one of those devices. Speculated for the last few months, and teased with an assortment of screenshots and other leaks, it's been a long time coming, but the newest (official) Android-based handset is on its way to Verizon Wireless in just a couple of weeks. And, we thought you might like a video.

Droid Incredible’s Specifications Confirmed by Verizon Wireless

The Droid Incredible, formerly known as the HTC Incredible, has certainly seen a roller-coaster last few months, hasn't it? From leaked images, to confirmations via Twitter, the device has been painted in one light or another all over the Internet for quite awhile. And, amongst all the rumors, we've patiently waited for official screenshots, and, ultimately, the specs sheet. We can finally say that we've got the last piece of the puzzle, folks: the official specifications as told by Verizon Wireless proper.
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