HTC Rhyme

HTC Rhyme update coming soon to remove bloatware

For all ten of you that still have and own the HTC Rhyme, today we've learned that the folks from HTC and Verizon are prepping a little software update for the Plum Purple smartphone. Those hopeful for some new features, an actual OS update, or anything fancy sadly we have bad news. This appears to only be a small update to squash some bugs, as well as remove junk.

HTC Rhyme Review

Ladies, the perfect phone for you has arrived! ...or at least that's what you could be forgiven for assuming HTC and Verizon would like you to think. While the marketing for the HTC Rhyme is carefully silent on the issue of gender, it's hard to deny that the color scheme, accessories and feature-set are, at least from a corporate perspective, aimed right the fairer sex. But the draw for the mid-range Rhyme lies in those same accessories (unless you're just dying for a plum-colored smartphone) and the implementation thereof. Does the Rhyme cross the gender divide, or is it just the latest in a long line of pandering “girl phones”? Let's find out.

HTC Rhyme hands-on and unboxing [Video]

There's a lot of negative connotation out there when one says "female phone," but the HTC Rhyme is aiming to change that (even if it doesn't want to do so officially). the 3.7-inch Verizon smartphone arrived at my doorstep and I couldn't wait to slip right into its purple plum packaging. Even if you're not swayed by the feminine touches, this phone has some compelling accessories right out of the box that are definitely worth your attention.  

Android Community Weekly: September 24, 2011

Viewing the Android Community Weekly roundup this week will land you in-depth reviews of two amazingly well build devices, more information on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and some Android OS controlled supergadgets. Both American variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II are now in our possession! The Epic 4G Touch was extensively reviewed this past Sunday, with benchmarks even the original Galaxy S II can't touch (out of the box that is). And just recently, the AT&T Galaxy S II was unboxed by Chris Burns; be sure to ask him any questions regarding the device so they may be answered before the official review! The Epic 4G Touch is already available, but AT&T expects to release their Galaxy S II for under $200 coming October.

Verizon HTC Rhyme Hands-On [Video]

What we've got here is a rather feminine device created by HTC to appeal to those who love to be fashion forward and have a bit of a unique coolness to their smartphone. Much in the same way the bright red version of the HTC Inspire 4G, the HTC Rhyme (here in its Verizon iteration) aims to spice up more than just the specifications inside the phone - the exterior aesthetic here is enhanced, made to work with the way the user and the device interact visually. And it finally, finally brings the "charm" to the USA with a little light-up square that lets you know you've got a notification. Japan Kawaii, here we come!

HTC Rhyme and Bass likely for September 20th Reveal

It was all the way back in time when we first saw a trademark list for HTC listing the HTC Rhyme that we knew the Beats were coming. It was back when a leaked specs list was found that we assumed the HTC Runnymede and the HTC Bliss would be released side by side. It was just yesterday when the device known as the HTC Runnymede was said to be launching as the HTC Bass. All of this of course points toward the September 20th launch event that we'll be covering live. All of this adding up?

HTC Rezound spotted, receives DLNA certification

Ever since HTC acquired Beats Audio we've been hearing bits of information regarding upcoming devices from HTC with the new audio goodness inside, and this is one more we can add to the list. The HTC Rezound just received its DLNA certification today but I did want to mention it being listed as a "mobile digital media player". Most likely this is still a smartphone but I just wanted to throw that in there.