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HTC Puccini 10-inch Android Tablet Leaked

Behold the HTC version of the 10 inch surfboard - I mean tablet. Everyone's gotta have a 10-inch Android tablet to compete these days, and HTC is no exception. After sending their HTC Flyer 7-inch tablet to our main man in Euro Chris Davies, they've got quite the followup coming up soon in a 10-inch iteration. That is to say if you're interested in an Android 3.0.1 tablet in the future where Android 3.1 is already released. Oh Honeycomb, whyfor art thou playing on us the same Gingerbread tricks?!

HTC’s 10 inch tablet known as Puccini

A rendering of HTC's new 10 inch tablet has been leaked, as well as it's working name. Code named "Puccini," the Flyer's big brother looks to be one of the first tablets coming for AT&T which will connect via 4G/LTE. Other than that, we don't really know a lot. Interesting that the rendering doesn't appear to have the stylus incorporated with it, but there's talk it will support the Scribe capacitive pen. Other specs? At this point, it's anyone's guess.
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