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HTC Flyer Receives Honeycomb Upgrade [Leak]

Several weeks ago we were holding the HTC Flyer for the first time, a brand new tablet running a unique version of HTC's Sense user interface on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, all in a mid-sized tablet form factor with a special "Scribe" stylus for on-screen writing. We got to look at this device as the HTC Flyer (a Wi-fi version of the tablet) and the HTC EVO View, a WiMAX-capable black instead of white plastic casing version. Now what we've got coming down the underground pipeline is a Honeycomb upgrade for the full tablet experience!

HTC Puccini Launching by early October

The HTC Puccini tablet could actually be launching in late September or early October according to HTC CFO Winston Yung, while we still don't know the full details of the tablet a possible release date like this is good news indeed. This news comes to us from DigiTimes reporting on Yung's comments.

HTC Puccini Screenshots Appear, Custom UI and Bloatware Included

The HTC Puccini is the code name for what will be the first Android Honeycomb tablet for HTC and it's headed for AT&T with 4G LTE. We first saw some leaked pictures a few weeks ago you can see here, but now we are seeing actual screenshots of the device running some heavy customizations as well as that wonderful stuff we call bloatware.

HTC Puccini Tablet Press Shots Leaked

What an amazing way to start this bright Tuesday wouldn't you all say? Leaks of the upcoming HTC Puccini tablet should help get the week going. While we still don't have any official or leaked specs for the device at least we are getting a few press photos to look at while letting our minds wonder about the rest. Looking at the photos they might be press shots or really impressive mock ups, I'm still debating.

HTC Event Mentioned for June 27th, Puccini Tablet Suggested

We're to understand, from several independent and anonymous sources that is, that there will be an event held on the 27th of June, 2011, in London which will play host to at least one new HTC device. This event will be preceded by another HTC event in Utretcht on the 23rd of June, 2011. These events will show, and I quote, "where design and advanced technology can lead." This could of course mean anything, but we're banking on a certain tablet which starts with a "P."

HTC Puccini tablet to be mass-produced in June say sources

We are all for more Android tablets hitting the market, especially if they are powerful and have a good price. We have talked about the HTC Puccini tablet a few times now with the latest being mid-May when the thing leaked and shots of the UI surfaced. The tablet sounds interesting enough and is said to be aiming at the LTE network on AT&T. Hardware wise the tablet is pegged to have a 1.5GHz MSM8660 dual-core processor from Qualcomm and a LCD with WXGA resolution.
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