htc one

AT&T and T-Mobile HTC One users getting Kit Kat later this month

HTC had hopes of getting the One updated to Kit Kat within 90 days time. This was referring to the carrier branded models in the US and Canada, but as we learned back towards the end of January -- HTC wasn't going to reach the self-imposed goal. At the time there was talk of a delay of one to two weeks and while the discussion had gone quiet, some updated details have recently been shared.

HTC confirms March 25 announcement event

HTC has sent out the latest 'save the date' reminder. This one is set for Tuesday March 25, 2014. As often happens, HTC hasn't offer much in the way of specifics here, and has simply offered a date and time, along with a location. Basically, nothing in terms of what they are planning to show during the event.

HTC M8 reportedly captured in the wild again

HTC’s much anticipated followup to their flagship One has reportedly been leaked in photos again. It coincides with other photos we’ve seen here and there, but we’ve still not seen anything confirming it’s the next One. Expected at MWC in a few weeks, we’ll look to this as a reference for what we might get a look at.

HTC to refocus on mid-tier devices in 2014

Amidst rumors of a high-end tablet coming from HTC this year, it seems the company may instead be shifting to focus more on the mid-tier range. This doesn't necessarily mean a high-end device, possibly a Nexus tablet, isn't in the works. But overall, it seems HTC will be concentrating a bit more on devices that aren't the flagship.