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HTC One (2014) specs leak in greater detail

HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie was recently on CNBC where he touched on the topic of leaks. In regards to the leaks, Mackenzie mentioned how it is "humbling that customers are so excited" but also stated that leaks are "never good." While he must have been feeling pretty bad given all the earlier leaks, it looks like they have continued. No real surprise in that aspect, but in this case GSM Arena is sharing what seems to be a fairly detailed set of specs.

HTC One (2014) carrier leak tips “Duo Camera”

Plenty of the recent HTC One (2014) leaks have been focused on the dual-camera setup. The thing is, while there has been some speculation and guessing, we have yet to see anything solid in term of how the camera setup would work. We have to remember this latest bit is courtesy of a leak, however having said that -- a Telstra advertisement mentioned the "Duo Camera" for the HTC One (M8).

HTC Americas president talks leaks, market share, mid-tier, and more

HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie recently appeared on CNBC and began with talk about how the HTC One was named the smartphone of the year for 2013. Of course, he quickly jumped in with a mention of how the best is about to get better come March 25th. Naturally, that was a reference to when HTC would be announcing the next-generation HTC One. The handset has been the subject of frequent leaks, and has been referred to by the codename of M8, as well as the One (2014) and "The All New HTC One."

HTC M8 dual camera setup teased

HTC previously announced the event that will be taking place later in the month. They also made reference to the upcoming event during the Desire 816 announcement we saw during Mobile World Congress. Basically, it seems as if HTC is rather excited about what they will be showing come March 25th. And to that point, the teasing has continued -- with the latest being shared by way of the official @HTC Twitter account.