AT&T, Rogers HTC One X rooted

AT&T customers are still pretty upset at the arbitrary locked bootloader on the HTC One X, but at least they can do some basic modifications: root has been achieved. XDA Developers member Kenneth Penn has posted a one-click root solution for the LTE version of the One X, and it should also work on the phone headed for Canadian carrier Rogers as well. You'll need a Windows PC and a basic understanding of Android, but as far as root process go, it's relatively easy.

HTC One X now available from AT&T

Well, it's finally here superphone fans: AT&T's American version of the HTC One X is now shipping, and should be showing up in retail stores right now. The phone is going for $199.99 on a new two year contract or $549.99 without - notably lower than other high-end Android phones. The AT&T version forgoes NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 for a Snapdragon S4, and adds LTE connectivity on AT&T's small but growing network.

Android Community Weekly: May 6th, 2012

Another week's gone past, and believe it or not, there are stories other than the Galaxy S III announcement to talk about. But we'll definitely be talking about that first. Android Community was present at Samsung's London event to bring you all the juicy details, which you can find in our wrap-up feature. Long story short: the Galaxy S III is big, powerful, crammed with custom software... and a little on the bland side as far as design goes.

AT&T’s HTC One X bootloader locked for now

For the past few months HTC has been playing it pretty mod-friendly with HTCDev, their portal for all things developer and the home of HTC's bootloader unlock tool. But those few who have access to AT&T's LTE version of the One X have found that using the previously posted bootloader unlock simply won't work - the unlock process returns a failure, and says that the American model isn't allowed. Without an unlocked bootloader, custom ROMs will be difficult, and custom kernels will be almost impossible.

Some AT&T customers getting HTC’s One X early

Hey, you. Yes, you. If you've already paid for and pre-ordered the HTC One X from AT&T, I want you to go to your mailbox right now and check it. There's at least a small chance that your brand new ICS phone is waiting for you. A small number of users at Android Forums have got their phones in their hot little hands right now, two days before the AT&T launch date. That's two days worth of playing, modding and tinkering that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X hands-on

The day has finally arrived and the Samsung Galaxy S III is here. We've waited through all the leaks and all the details have finally been revealed. After the excitement calms down you'll be wondering what your next phone should be. The Galaxy S III, or maybe something like the HTC One X. We have pictures and hands-on video below to help you make up your mind on what superphone is right for you.

Reminder: Unlock HTC One S and X bootloaders at HTCDev

So T-Mobile finally released their new HTC One S and you're loving it right? Then AT&T's One X will arrive in a few days and the next step for any die hard Android fan would be to unlock the bootloader, root the phone and get ready for some awesome developer ROM's to arrive. Just like most of HTC's current phones you can easily and safely unlock the bootloader with HTC's developer site.

AT&T HTC One X Review

The HTC One X for AT&T is a different beast from the original (international) release in two rather important ways. First it's got a completely different processor, made by Qualcomm instead of NVIDIA, and second here it's carried by AT&T on a 2-year contract in the USA. Will this non-international release stir up the same positive reactions we had to the first release of this super hero phone, or are the two changes we're seeing here in software and hardware going to push this device in the wrong direction entirely?

HTC One X gets an early CyanogenMod 9 port

The HTC One X is rightly sitting on top of the Android world for the moment, and of course that means just one thing: the modders are coming out to play. Users of the international One X (with the Tegra 3 processor) can now get a taste of the ubiquitous CyanogenMod custom ROM. The unofficial port or "kang" comes from the TripNDroid Mobile Engineering  developer team, who've posted their work over on the Modaco forums. Brave One X owners can flash a custom recovery and try out the ROM now.

AT&T is now listing HTC One X for pre-order

Starting today you can now pre-order the HTC One X on AT&T's website. Current pricing for the phone is $199 with new 2 year contract with it either being a new customer or an upgrade. You could also by it outright with no obligation for $549 if you are between upgrades and want to get your hands on one of these bad boys.
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