htc one vx

AT&T HTC One VX update finally brings Jelly Bean

In the highly competitive world of mobile devices, new models are churned out like crazy while older ones, even those just a year old, get left by the wayside. This is why there is much happiness, if not surprise, when a manufacturer, not to mention a carrier, releases an update that breathes new life into not-so-new devices. HTC and AT&T probably delivered some of that emotion to users of its HTC One VX when it rolled out a very significant update over the weekend.

HTC One VX budget smartphone available today from AT&T

After initial launch plans back in November were delayed, today the folks from AT&T have announced their new budget friendly HTC One VX is available right now. HTC's new pocket and wallet friendly smartphone is available in stores and online for the low low price of just $49.99 and we have all the details on this impressive phone below.

HTC One VX headed to AT&T December 7th

Earlier this month the folks from HTC and AT&T announced two new smartphones to grace their 4G LTE lineup. Those being the new and improved HTC One X+, as well as the budget friendly HTC One VX. Sadly the only one available is the One X+ and we've still not heard a word regarding the VX. Today however the carrier is stating they expect to be "fully stocked" with the One VX by December 7th.