T-Mobile HTC One S available now

The wait is over, T-Mobile customers - you can finally grab an HTC One S of your very own. As promised, the carrier has made its new flagship available today, though it doesn't look like the phone has landed on its customer-facing website just yet. If you just can't wait a few hours, head down to your local T-Mobile retail store, and bask in the glory of being one of the first in the US to get a hold of an HTC One-series phone.

Trade in your iPhone and get the HTC One S free from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a nice little spring cleaning deal starting tomorrow. From April 25th until May 8th they'll be offering the Magenta Deal Days promotion, recommending users trade in their old phones, slower smartphones, or even those slow 3G iPhone's for a brand new 4G smartphone from T-Mobile. Full details and cash value listings below including how the iPhone will get you an HTC One S completely free.

T-Mobile HTC One S review via SlashGear

In what will be the first HTC One device available in the USA, the T-Mobile HTC One S, you have a pretty awesome phone. HTC is already off to an excellent start for 2012 with their new "One" series available in Europe and now it's about to take the US markets by storm. We've already reviewed the HTC One S thoroughly with the European model, and today we have the T-Mobile version to share with everyone. More details and beautiful pictures can be found below.

AT&T HTC One X launch date live

It's time for AT&T to get their hands on the most powerful smartphone on earth, the HTC One X - part of HTC's newest line of hero devices, this device will bring AT&T packs of fans in on the first day for sure. We've had our hands on this device several times now in its international form, now it's time to get down to business with the HTC One series here in the USA. The HTC One X for AT&T will cost you $199.99 and will be available SOON - May 6th to be exact . Will you be getting in line early?

HTC One S units arrive at T-Mobile – launch date impending

The HTC One S is headed to T-Mobile and will be one awesome smartphone for this summer. Sadly they've been completely quite regarding any official launch date of the new flagship phone. While we still wait for T-Mobile to confirm a date we are now starting to see dummy units arriving in T-Mobile stores, along with advertisements. April 25th could still be the day.

HTC offers “immediate fix” for One S chipping issues

Remember that highly-touted Micro Arc Oxidation metal finishing technique that HTC went to such great pains to note when they revealed the One series? A few early owners of the One S in Europe noticed that it apparently needed a little more arc, or oxidation, or possibly micro, because on some models it's begun to chip around the impact-prone edges. After some complaints from customers who didn't appreciate their brand new smartphone looked like it had gone three rounds with a pocket full of change and keys, HTC has responded positively, saying that they'll repair the hardware of any affected customers for free.

T-Mobile gives the HTC One S a launch party on April 18th

T-Mobile customers have been waiting for months to get their hands on the HTC One S, and while the carrier has yet to officially set a date for the svelte Android 4.0 smartphone, it looks like it's getting pretty close. After rumors of a late April launch, T-Mobile has sent out press invitations to a launch party on April 18th, precisely one week from today. That would certainly seem to imply that they're ready to start up a marketing campaign, if nothing else. There's no verification on the actual launch date, but sometime the following week seems likely. The last we heard, T-Mobile's internal systems pegged the phone for release on April 25th, the Wednesday following the launch event. With press info sent out, it seems to be a done deal, so start saving your pennies. There's been no official word on a price either, but given their current lineup, I'd bet on $249 with a two-year contract. T-Mobile's still using HSPA+ technology for its network, so the the American version of the phone should be almost identical to its European counterpart, which we reviewed last week. And by the way T-Mobile users, if you've been waiting for a next-generation phone with a subsidy, this is it. Never mind the slim aluminum chassis or the 8 megapixel camera. Never mind the Snapdragon S4 processor, which (at least in some tests) beats the Tegra 3 quad-core with a stick. Never mind the 4.3-inch display. No, the real draw is Ice Cream Sandwich, and the One S will be HTC's first US phone to get the updated software at launch, along with Sense 4.0. It's about time. Also, attendees of the launch party will be serenaded by "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.", which is apparently a pop band and not the unborn progeny of a NASCAR driver. You live and learn. [timeline] [device id=2316]
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