HTC Ville C detailed in leak

For months we had operated under the assumption that the Ville was HTC's internal codename for the One S, now gracing Europe and T-Mobile with its presence. Now a new Ville has popped up in a spec sheet spotted by Brief Mobile. The list details a phone that's nearly identical to the One S (at least internally) with one crucial difference: it's running a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor instead of an S4.

T-Mobile’s Bad Girl Carly shows off the One S in new videos

In case you missed it, T-Mobile has dropped the "Nice Girl" look of their Carly commercials in cute Magenta dresses and instead are going with sexy black leather. I love the move and we now have two new videos from T-Mobile. Both of these new campaigns are showing off their impressive HTC One S, and even takes some direct shots at AT&T and the iPhone.

HTC J goes official with WiMAX for Japan

The death of WiMAX has been greatly exaggerated. Well, maybe not, but there's still a few phones coming out with the wireless standard, all of them apparently from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. In addition to the HTC EVO V 4G on Virgin Mobile here in the states, Japanese carrier KDDI will be launching the HTC J this summer. So much for that "hero device strategy", eh HTC?

Bell Canada gets HTC One V now, HTC One S later

Good news, Canadians: you'll soon be able to choose between two of HTC's latest and greatest Android devices. Mobile Syrup reports that the HTC One V is now selling on Canadian carrier Bell, free on a three year contract or $299.95 with no commitment. Even more exciting, a leaked Bell document indicates that the HTC One S will be sitting pretty on Canadian airwaves on May 17th.  On-contract pricing isn't mentioned, but the One S may cost $599.95 outright.

Reminder: Unlock HTC One S and X bootloaders at HTCDev

So T-Mobile finally released their new HTC One S and you're loving it right? Then AT&T's One X will arrive in a few days and the next step for any die hard Android fan would be to unlock the bootloader, root the phone and get ready for some awesome developer ROM's to arrive. Just like most of HTC's current phones you can easily and safely unlock the bootloader with HTC's developer site.

AT&T HTC One X Review

The HTC One X for AT&T is a different beast from the original (international) release in two rather important ways. First it's got a completely different processor, made by Qualcomm instead of NVIDIA, and second here it's carried by AT&T on a 2-year contract in the USA. Will this non-international release stir up the same positive reactions we had to the first release of this super hero phone, or are the two changes we're seeing here in software and hardware going to push this device in the wrong direction entirely?

T-Mobile HTC One S suffers battery drain for WiFi calls – fix incoming

If you recently purchased an HTC One S for T-Mobile, congratulations - you've got one of the best Android phones available in the US at the moment. But as is usually the case with high-profile phone releases, there's at least one fly in the ointment. T-Mobile's unique WiFi calling service is included on their version of the One S to save picky customers from using up their calling minutes. But it looks like this feature is draining the battery unusually fast, and at least some T-Mobile customers must have already complained.
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