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HTC One Max announcement invites begin arriving

HTC One Max rumors and leaks have clearly gone into overdrive. These leaks have been ongoing for quite sometime and up until today it did not appear as if they would be stopping any time soon. Well, it looks like HTC has begun sending out some announcement event invitations. Granted, this will likely not stop all the rumors, however it should at least keep them at a manageable level.

HTC One Max gains GCF certification

Still without an official announcement from HTC, it looks like the One Max has surfaced in another certification filing. This latest is with the Global Certification Forum (GFC) which is dubbed as being an "independent certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3PP standards." The GFC has a 'test-once, use-anywhere' approach and this time around, has revealed bit of detail on the HTC One Max.

HTC One Max image leak offers Galaxy Note 3 size comparison

No stranger to leaks and rumors, it appears as if we are getting another pre-announcement look at the HTC One Max. This time around the images have surfaced on the Chinese language ePrice and are offering a look at the handset sitting side-by-side with the Galaxy Note 3. And in addition, there are also a few shots of the backside of the One Max, both with and without the back cover.

HTC One Max gains approval from Taiwan’s NCC

HTC is expected to announce the One Max smartphone at an event later this month, and in the meantime, it appears as if the rumors and leaks are going to increase in frequency until that time arrives. Yesterday we saw a bit from Luke Wood of Beats Audio about how a "large-format" device would be announced by HTC in the fall and arrive with Beats branding. Well, as of today it looks like we are getting another look at that device.

HTC One Max tipped to arrive with Beats Audio

Despite the recent break between HTC and Beats Electronics, it seems as if the yet to be announced HTC One Max will include Beats Audio. The details are coming by way of Luke Wood, president and chief operating officer at Beats Electronics who was recently interviewed by Stuff. During that interview Mr. Wood spoke about an upcoming "large-format device" from HTC.

HTC One Max spotted in FCC filing as T6UL

We remain waiting for HTC to offer an official announcement for the One Max smartphone, however it appears as if the handset has recently been discovered in an FCC filing. The key here, it appears to have. The filing did not mention the One Max by name and instead has it referred to by the model number of 0P3P510. As for the bit that brings the HTC One Max connection -- a reference to T6UL.

HTC One Max images revealed as device gets certified for use in China

There have been plenty of image and spec leaks for the HTC One Max up until this point, however it seems as if we are now getting to see some slightly more official images. We should clarify that these images haven't come by way of HTC though. Instead they have arrived by way of the Chinese Tenaa, which is basically the same as the FCC from the US. That said, this time around we are seeing the front and back as well as the left and right sides of the handset.

HTC One Max camera features leak

The HTC One Max has yet to be officially announced, however it doesn't look like that is going to stop the details from leaking. We have seen plenty of leaks over the weeks and months, with some of the more recent showing the handset side-by-side with the Galaxy Note 3. As of today though, it looks like the One Max has been rooted and there is also some detail in terms of the camera features.
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