htc one max

HTC One max fingerprint collection policy clarified

New technology seems to bring new questions. In this case we are looking towards fingerprint technology which has recently been showing up on some smartphones. Apple launched the iPhone 5s and more recently, HTC launched the One max. Similar to what we saw following the Apple launch, some began questioning what HTC was doing with the data.

HTC One Max official with 5.9-inch display, fingerprint scanner, more

Coming as an end to what seemed like a never-ending series of leaks and rumors, the HTC One Max has been officially announced. As the recent rumors had implied, HTC had an announcement event and the One Max is now official. Similar to having advance knowledge of the announcement, these specs and features are going to sound familiar to those who had been following along.

HTC One Max appears again in a series of photos

If all goes well, we might see HTC finally pull off the veil from the HTC One Max this week, which should finally put to rest all rumors of what the phablet will or will not have. But in the meantime, there's still plenty of room for some leaks like these bunch of photos showing off HTC's giant of a smartphone.

HTC One Max announcement invites begin arriving

HTC One Max rumors and leaks have clearly gone into overdrive. These leaks have been ongoing for quite sometime and up until today it did not appear as if they would be stopping any time soon. Well, it looks like HTC has begun sending out some announcement event invitations. Granted, this will likely not stop all the rumors, however it should at least keep them at a manageable level.

HTC One Max gains GCF certification

Still without an official announcement from HTC, it looks like the One Max has surfaced in another certification filing. This latest is with the Global Certification Forum (GFC) which is dubbed as being an "independent certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3PP standards." The GFC has a 'test-once, use-anywhere' approach and this time around, has revealed bit of detail on the HTC One Max.
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