htc one max

HTC One max arrives in Amber Gold color

HTC unveiled the "golden" edition of the One back in November and it looks like the larger sized One max has gotten a similar color treatment. The handset is coming available for those in Taiwan, and officially speaking, is Amber Gold in color. HTC has the Amber Gold One max available with 16GB of storage, and otherwise, the hardware specs are the same as the original model.

Verizon HTC One max hands-on

Following a long series of rumors and leaks, HTC announced the One max back in mid-October. Verizon Wireless followed HTC with an announcement of their own and initially said the handset would be arriving in time for the holiday shopping season. True to their word, the HTC One max arrived with Verizon in late-November. Anyway, we have recently been carrying a Verizon branded model and as such, wanted to offer a bit on this carrier variant and how it compares to the model we reviewed back in October.

Verizon HTC One max price details leaked

Verizon has previously said the HTC One max would be available sometime "this holiday season." That announcement came back in mid-October and by way of Twitter and while there is plenty of unknowns in terms of the launch, the chatter had gone quiet. Simply put, despite the fact a month has past, Big Red has yet to follow up with any additional details for the release.
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