HTC myTouch 4G

myTouch 4G Updates for Reviewers, Download for All New Users

As you may well know by now, sometimes when reviewer-models of phones are sent out to the world of publications, tiny tweaks are needed to be done (or at least taken into account) when the review is being done. Some of those particular updates are happening now for the myTouch 4G. The first of these, we're informed, is a cryptic "software update" notification that will be available soon, available in a similar fashion as other Android OS updates. From there, it gets totally exciting.

HTC myTouch 4G Gets Shown Off in Training Videos

Motorola may have released their own Android training videos with the Motorola DEFY in the limelight, but now it's HTC's turn to get shown off. This time, though, the T-Mobile videos don't just show off Android in a broad sense. These videos are meant specifically for those who are already interested in buying the upcoming myTouch 4G, or those who have been waiting to see its features in action before they make their final decision.
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