HTC myTouch 4G

HTC Sensation 4G FREE Tonight til 3AM on T-Mobile

Oh Snap! You guys better hurry because this deal wont last long. It will either sell out or you might not make it in time. T-Mobile is doing another one of those web-only deals like we mentioned earlier in the week. You can get the brand new all knowing and all powerful HTC Sensation 4G with that dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor and qHD 4.3" display for FREE from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Free as Web-Only Special til July 7th

Looks like T-Mobile has another web-only special going and this time it's on the myTouch 4G. Still one of the best phones around, especially from T-Mobile. As you'd expect the amazing price of free is with a new 2-year contract as always, but that is a great price for an amazing phone.

CyanogenMod 7 running strong, Installed on over 200,000 devices

For those that may not be keeping score of our favorite ROM developers CyanogenMod, I have been watching for you and I can now say it looks like they have hit a pretty large milestone. 200,000 users running CyanogenMod 7. That is extremely impressive for the guys from TD. This all started back on the G1 and has grown into something larger than any of them had ever expected. This is only for CyanogenMod 7, this doesn't count users that for some reason may still be on CM6, or even CM5 from the good ol days.

A2SDGUI (User Interface for Darktremor App2SD)

For those that are fans of Darktremors A2SD scripts this will surely make you happy. For those that don't know, Darktremor is an excellent developer from XDA that has built the scripts that are most widely used in the Android community to move apps to the sd card. Mainly for older devices, pre Android 2.2 devices, or for power users like me that have 200+ installed apps. Yay! This story is about another XDA dev by the name elgubbo, he has created a user interface for A2SD that makes everything much easier for you.

CyanogenMod 7 gets a beautiful Statusbar Pulldown Mod

With the ever so changing and continued development by the amazing TeamDouche Developers, CyanogenMod is always improving. They add things daily and push nightly builds for all you crack flashers like myself. With the quick development we at times run into issues where things like MOD's or Morphs don't work or are outdated. It's good they move so fast, but a bad thing for those that like to personalize their Android phone. Those that follow some of the pulldown status bar mod's for CM7 I'm sure you all know who @rorifree is. If not, he is the man behind this great looking MOD.

myTouch 4G Source Offered Up by HTC Aside Aria, Desire Z, Desire HD

Oh you lovers of the insides of phones, today is one of those good days. Good days for the HTC involved, that is, as several phones have had their Android source codes released via HTC's Developer Center per their agreement that they'll do so no matter what they're doing with Android, an open-source project. The phones on the block to be chopped and screwed are the myTouch 4G, Desire Z, Aria, and Desire HD. If you're a fan of any of those, we're looking at you myTouch 4G fans, we encourage you to explore the code and bring the community some lovely tidbits that we might feast upon them with joy.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Price Drop to $30

How would you like yourself a fine little HTC myTouch phone with 4G speeds, a fine 5 megapixel camera on the back, and a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor inside, all for $30? A big whopping twenty dollar bill rolled up in a ten dollar bill seems like chump change compared to a brand spanking new Android phone in the pocket, wouldn't you say? You can grab this deal today on Amazon - act fast!

CyanogenMod 7 Alpha hits the myTouch4G

Gingerbread has started to hit multiple devices as people recompile the CyanogenMod 7 RC Alpha Zero. While the Alpha is still basically an AOSP ROM, with no CyanogenMod tweaks, it gives us all a great feeling of how it will be progressing. With the myTouch 4G recently joining the list of other HTC phones supporting Android 2.3 (EVO 4G, Incredible, Wildfire), it becomes obvious which smartphone manufacturer doesn’t mind letting their users tamper with their hardware.

myTouch 4G gets Permaroot and s=off

Due to the collaborative efforts of a slew of XDA Developers forum members, unforgiven512, scotty2, tmzt, IntuitiveNipple, and grankin01, you are now able to permaroot your lovely myTouch 4G. All you've got to do is follow the directions and BE CAREFUL or you will have a BRICK of pure, hot, technology, just waiting to be tossed in the garbage. And before you get down to the directions and eventually take a hammer to your phone, remember to reminisce on all the good times you had with it.
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