HTC Merge

Global Smartphone Lineup for Verizon’s Fourth Quarter

A leaked photo of Verizon's Current 3G Global Smartphones also includes their fourth quarter 2010 3G Global Smartphones, and it's chock full of Android. Four Android smartphones, including the HTC Merge, DROID 2 Global, Motorola DROID Pro, and LG enV Pro seem as though they will be available and working in the United States as well as networks over the ocean soon. Soon, yes, soon the droids, which I love are always very visibly trademarked by Lucasfilm, will be encircling a Verizon near you.

RUMOR: HTC Merge/Lexikon to Verizon November 11th?

Just as we found some leaked pictures earlier this week,a very interesting small Friday rumor has just surfaced stating the HTC Merge or Lexicon will have a November 11th release date. This date sounds accurate, but this is just a rumor until we have some hard evidence, so don't mark the date yet.

HTC Merge for Verizon Poses for Photos, Showcases Full QWERTY Keyboard

The HTC Merge, model number ADR6325, was spotted in a Verizon Wireless inventory screenshot at the end of August, and now it seems the device has taken some time to pose for a photo shoot. Bearing the same look and feel as the HTC Lexikon, which leaked not too long ago, the Merge offers up the same global reach as the World Edition of the Droid 2, as it features a slot for a GSM SIM card.

HTC Merge Spotted on Global Certification Forum, Gets Approved

As usual, there's plenty of different handsets the Merge could be. It makes it hard to guess when we know about plenty of other devices heading to the market soon enough, and there's just one out there, without any real defining feature list or images, that alludes us. This month, it's the Merge. Manufactured by HTC, with a model number ADR6325, the Merge is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

HTC Merge Makes an Appearance in Verizon Inventory, Android in Tow

At this point, we can safely assume that HTC has a ton of Android-based devices coming down the pipe. So many, in fact, that one or two of them can manage to sneak into a wireless company's inventory, and no one be the wiser. At least, not right away. There's no telling how long the HTC Merge has been hanging out in Verizon's inventory, or whether or not there's actually any models floating around somewhere, but this screen definitely tells us that, at some point, Verizon either intends to sell, or intended to sell this Android-based device.
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