HTC Merge

Long-lost HTC Merge appears in Verizon holiday ad

Well there's something we didn't expect to see. You might remember the HTC Merge from early this year, when it was announced in February and briefly stopped by the FCC with Verizon bands. While a few regional carriers picked up the QWERTY phone, its debut on Big Red has been long delayed -until now. The folks at AllTechEverything spotted the phone at the bottom of a Verizon Christmas tree in a recent ad, alongside the Samsung DROID CHARGE and the LG Revolution.

Cool Verizon spot races onto TVs

If you're an Indy racing fan, Verizon has a cool new service that will help you keep up on your favorite racing team ... Team Verizon! The spot is for the Indy Car Mobile app, which follows the IZOD Indy Car Series. With the app, users can listen to in car audio, keep track of races with leader boards, highlights, and even special tweets from the drivers (I hope while not racing!). Upcoming features to include live in-car camera for Verizon sponsored drivers, press conference streaming and Indy Car Nation exclusive content. According to the YouTube page, the app currently follows Indy racers Will Power, Helio Castroneves & Ryan Briscoe.

Alltel HTC Merge pre-orders from March 28

Alltel has announced a pre-order date for the HTC Merge, the carrier's latest QWERTY Android slider. Pre-orders will be taken as of March 28, with the smartphone priced at $124.99 with a new, two-year agreement. That gets you an Android 2.2 phone with HTC Sense running an 800MHz Qualcomm processor. There's also a 5-megapixel camera, 3.8-inch touchscreen and 720p HD video recording. We've already seen the Merge bearing Verizon branding but HTC did promise that the handset would come to more than one US carrier. The Merge is also a world-phone, which means it has both CDMA and GSM radios and as such can be used on networks in North America and abroad. No word on when it will actually begin shipping, however. [Thanks Terry!]

HTC Merge at FCC, Verizon Branded, Still CDMA World Capable

This is the HTC Merge, a CDMA world phone that's got a lovely slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a healthy dose of Android on board. It's found its way to an FCC review now, carrying with it the Verizon tag meaning that it will be at least one of the carriers allowed to work with the handset in the near future. Another CDMA world phone offered by Verizon is the Blackberry pwning Motorola Droid Pro, a phone we used constantly whilst rolling through Mobile World Congress 2011 due to its global abilities and sweet big face with tiny keyboard below - would we rather be rolling with a big fat flip-out landscape keyboard such as this? You can bet on it.

HTC Merge Officially Announced

We've all seen it, it's been leaked more than a few times. Now it's official, HTC has just announced the HTC Merge. They have announced it as a Beautiful, Powerful, and Feature-Rich device coming to "multiple" North American carriers starting in Spring 2011. We have known about this phone for a while now and I'm sure many are eager to get some hands on with it. After all it looks to be HTC's answer to the Motorola Droid Verizon was so successful with.

HTC Merge Spotted Entrepreneur Magazine

The still unannounced HTC Merge has made an appearance in the latest Entrepreneur Magazine. In its 2-page spread it's being described as a work phone that's updated for your life, and can do everything your old phone couldn't do.

HTC Merge Accessories Appear in Stores, Still No Phone

In what seems to be a common occurrence in smartphone launches, in which accessories appear in stores before some devices are even announced. Following the trend, the HTC Merge has just had a case appear in stores, but we are still in the dark of any launch plans for the device.

HTC Merge appears on Verizon website

We recently saw some HTC Merge accessories pop up in Verizon's system, but not alot of other hard evidence. Well, we have found some more evidence today on Verizon's website. The HTC Merge has popped up and you can drag and click the phone for a 360 degree view. Although, the phone was originally rumored to make its debut November 11th, that has obviously been postponed to a later date. This is definitely a good sign that the phone is nearing release if it happened to pop up on Verizon's website. We will keep you updated on the status of this phone and on any new info on the phone including the due date of the phone. Not sure how much longer this link will work, but it worked for me when I went on, so go ahead and play around with the device here. Via [bigdav1178 in Android Central Forum]
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