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HTC Magic In Asia to get Sense UI

According to many people, the custom HTC Sense UI makes the HTC Hero the best Android phone currently on the market. So is no surprise that HTC Magic owners want to have it, unfortunately, it has been available only to Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom subscribers. As we all know, the HTC Sense debuted on the HTC Hero - which by the way, has been well received - and back in August we had confirmation from HTC about upgrading certain Android models. So far, there is no word on when will the rest of the HTC Magic phones in the world get the upgrade, if they get it. Also, there isn't any word from HTC on delivering this upgrade to any other Android devices. The HTC Sense brings social networking integration into the smartphone’s contacts app. Not only that, but it also tweaks the Android UI, and adds various interactive widgets.

DIY Virtual Reality Headset with an HTC Magic [Video]

Okay, so this time we bring to you an easy DIY project, all you need is an old - or new, it doesn't matter - pair of lab goggles, cardboard, tape, a ruler, a knife, an HTC Magic, and of course, a lot of time in your hands. This is the creative handiwork of Recombu’s Andrew Lim, and he shows you how to do it on the video at the end of this post. The DIY virtual reality headset, takes advantage of the accelerometer on the HTC Magic, so you can use it to pan around in the compass Street View mode of Google Maps for example. Also, you could use one of the augmented reality apps available for Android to make things more interesting when using the device. Now, Chris over at SlashGear said the following:
We can’t quite decide whether this is genius or insanity, but we’re not going to let that stop us making our own.
So I will definitely stay in contact with him, to find out when will his project be ready. I'll try to get some pictures of his project, as well as video, if there's any. Chris, are you reading this? [youtube][/youtube]

T-Mobile enlist celebs to sell myTouch 3G [Video]

The great thing about celebrity adverts is that they presume the general public is too uncertain of its own identity to actually pick a product of their own, and instead need to align themselves with someone famous in order to have self-esteem.  T-Mobile have jumped on that particular bandwagon with the help of Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson and Jessie James, all of whom would like to tell you exactly why they adore the myTouch 3G. It turns out, celebrities are just like you and me.  Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson needs his myTouch 3G to organize his hectic family life, while TV personality and "motorcycle maven" Jessie James is obviously an addicted customizer who apparently sees his smartphone as an extension of his tattoos. Finally, Whoopi doesn't use the myTouch 3G for anything so mundane as researching new material, checking sales of her various books, emailing her agent or the usual Hollywood rubbish; instead she's buying shoes and finding places to eat hot dogs.  Hey, T-Mobile, I eat hot dogs too! This is obviously the smartphone for me. [vms f66dcfc8a3282ac2bf10] [via SlashGear]

Canadians get cheaper Android devices on Rogers

Among the best news fans of Android devices can get from their carriers is that prices are coming down. In fact, the only people who don't like price cuts on devices are those who bought the day before the price was reduced. Canadian Android fans looking for a new device can now head over to their local Rogers Wireless store and pick up a couple Android devices at new lower prices. The two devices are the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic.

HTC sells 1M Magic phones

The HTC Magic is known here in the U.S. as the myTouch 3G. The device hit the U.S. market in August and has proven to be a popular device for Android fans. Unlike the G1, the myTouch 3G lacks a QWERTY keyboard and goes all touch screen. HTC has announced that it has now sold 1 million of its magic handsets globally. The company didn't offer numbers split out on a country-by-country basis so exactly how many of those sales are from the U.S. is unknown.

HTC Hero ROM on HTC Magic [Video]

Hot on the heels of the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) "Rosie" HTC Sense video demo comes this, HTC's second Android device, the Magic, supposedly running the official firmware from the upcoming HTC Hero.  Unlike the LeakDroid SuperHERO ROM, this Fatal1ty ROM is tipped as being almost unmodified. In fact, all they've apparently done is tweaked it just enough to make it run on the Magic.  Because of that it supports Flash, as well as all the HTC widgets expected to be on the production Hero.  There's also multitouch support, and in the latest version both GPS and the camera are functional. The one significant drawback we're hearing is that Sense must be completely reloaded whenever the Magic's home button is pressed, something which as you'd expect slows matters right down.  That could be a memory issue or something else to be addressed by the hacked ROM creators.  [youtube][/youtube]

HTC Sense SuperHERO ROM gets video demo

If you fancy a taste of HTC Sense on your G1 or Magic, the regular "Rosie" ROM leaks have already provided a way.  The LeakDroid project has been taking the Haykuro ROMs - which include the new HTC Sense UI - and developing builds for those with earlier devices.  Android HDblog have been playing with the latest so-called SuperHERO ROM, and put together a video demo which you can see below.  They've loaded it up on the HTC Dream (aka the T-Mobile G1) and given their opinion of the changes. Unsurprisingly the multitouch browser support, new PMP functionality and social networking integration all get high praise.  Less impressive are the slow performance and occasional crashes, together with the absence of screen-rotation support (that currently leads to more crashing).  Still, it's free to try and with the news that official "with Google" branded devices are unlikely to see HTC Sense officially these hack projects might be your best bet. [youtube][/youtube]

No HTC Sense UI upgrade for “with Google” branded phones

Bad news for anybody hoping to get HTC's latest Sense UI on their existing G1 or Magic.  As we suggested might be the case yesterday, HTC have confirmed that due to the licensing terms of providing "with Google" branded smartphones they're not allowed to offer Sense UI as an upgrade. The confirmation most directly affects those who bought their Android device through a carrier, such as the T-Mobile G1 or the Vodafone Magic.  According to HTC's representative, the company is trying to develop a way to get the new UI to those with non-Google branded handsets, such as Rogers Wireless' HTC Magic in Canada; however nothing is guaranteed and logistical or financial limitations may end up preventing it. It unfortunately means that buyers of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, the US version of the HTC Magic announced earlier this month, won't get Sense as it's a "with Google" branded device.  You can be sure that hacked ROMs of the HTC UI will be circulating very soon, though.

HTC Magic coming to Portugal

All of our Portuguese friends who have been waiting to get their hands on the Android-powered HTC Magic can now get happy. The TMN network has announced that it will start selling the Magic soon. The company doesn't give an exact date the handset will be available on its network. However, interested Magic fans can pre-register to get more info on the device.

HTC Sense coming to Magic or G1? Maybe, maybe not…

The launch of the HTC Hero and seeing how well the company's new UI works has left many existing Android device owners looking at their smartphones with no small amount of disappointment.  So news that HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that "HTC Sense will be available on some other existing devices" has understandably stoked speculation that either the Magic or the original G1 might get an official injection of the slick new interface. It may not be so clear-cut, however.  What HTC failed to make entirely clear during their press conference yesterday - and then took pains to point out in the aftermath - HTC Sense refers not just to the new UI on the Hero but to all of the company's latest UI work, including TouchFLO 3D on Windows Mobile devices.  Talking to an HTC executive at a dinner event in London last night, it was made clear that Sense is the culmination of three years of development - since the original HTC Touch device, in fact - with TouchFLO 3D being just one step along the road to what you see here on the Hero. There's also the question of what ties HTC had to break with Google in order to make their modifications in the Hero.  We already know that there are different levels of Android involvement that lead to different types of branding - i.e. whether you can have a Google sticker on the back of your phone - and that branding is conspicuously missing from the Hero.  We don't yet know enough to say whether HTC's new UI sits entirely well with Google's "Android Experience". What that could mean is that the existing devices Chou talks about might not, in fact, be Android-based, but could be newer models from the company's Windows Mobile range.  The recently-launched Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 might be two potential candidates.  It certainly seems more likely that HTC would do a straight port of the latest Sense UI to models in its Android line-up, but until it announces definite plans we can't be certain.
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