HTC M7 flagship leaks along with Sense UI 5.0 screenshots

Now that all the CES news is starting to wind down we have some juicy pictures and details that were just revealed about HTC's upcoming flagship Android smartphone. We've mentioned the HTC M7 before, but today we are getting what could be our first look at the handset along with leaked HTC Sense UI 5.0 screenshots. Check it out below.

HTC M7 details leak hinting at a fresh new Sense UI

It's no secret that HTC has another impressive flagship smartphone on the horizon to replace their popular HTC One X. Rumor has it the new device is the recently rumored HTC M7. While some claim we'll see it at CES, most likely it will be unveiled in late February at Mobile World Congress, just like the HTC One series. Below we have some freshly leaked details on this beast of a phone.

HTC may unveil the M7 smartphone during CES

We saw some rumored details and leaks for the HTC M7 during the month of December. And well, it looks like the new month has brought some new details. Of course, we should point out -- still rumored details. That clarification being made, this latest bit deals with a possible announcement.
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