HTC DROID ‘DLXPLUS’ could be the M7 for Verizon

Some new details and leaked specs have potentially confirmed a new smartphone for those on Verizon Wireless. The popular 5-inch 1080p DROID DNA has only been available for a few months, and many believe this is why we might not see the upcoming HTC M7 hit Verizon Wireless. However, today reports have surfaced that a DROID DNA+ (like the One X+) could be coming soon as the M7.

HTC M7 spotted in Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse inventory listings

HTC is expected to announce the M7 smartphone on February 19. The company has previously confirmed the event, however they have yet to say exactly what they are going to be showing off. But on that note, it seems as if some carriers and retailers are beginning to get a bit of a head start. In this case we are referring to Vodafone Germany and Carphone Warehouse, who have both apparently listed the HTC M7 in their inventory system.

HTC M7 further confirmed by a screaming Peter Chou

It seems pretty clear that HTC is going to be announcing the M7 shortly, however just in case anyone still had any remaining doubt as to whether the handset is real -- this video should remove that doubt completely. You see, HTC CEO Peter Chou recently took to the stage during a company event and not only chanted M7, but also took out the phone to test the camera.That said, we should clarify that this was a private HTC event, however in the world we live in today, that video has since been found on the web.

HTC M7 rumored to launch March 8th on multiple US carriers

In just under 3 weeks we'll finally be seeing the new and improved smartphone plan from HTC. We're of course talking about the often leaked HTC M7 smartphone to replace their popular One series. Earlier this week HTC confirmed they'll be holding a press event February 19th to announce a new device, and most likely that will be their new M7 flagship. Now some new reports and rumors are claiming to have plenty of details pertaining to their launch plans.

HTC confirms February 19 press event

HTC has officially scheduled a press event for February 19, which is a date that should sound familiar to those following the M7 smartphone rumors. Of course, we cannot say for sure that this event will bring an M7 announcement, but it does bring attention to what we have been hearing.

HTC M7 image leak shows off the handset and Sense 5.0

We have seen plenty of leaks surrounding the HTC M7 up until this point. In fact, we saw a rendered image leak last week with another this weekend. And well, another M7 image has leaked and thankfully, we have moved away from the renders. Simply put, this latest HTC M7 leak is a pic of an actual handset and come courtesy of Android Police. The images of the handset look like the previous render and also comes along with some images of what is said to he HTC Sense 5.0.
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