HTC M4 looks to be the HTC First, but without Facebook Home

The HTC First, the phone that is going to come pre-loaded with Facebook Home was announced yesterday. This handset is going to be available for pre-order next week and will be selling for $99.99 on a two-year agreement with AT&T. The catch here, while the HTC First is a low priced device, given the Facebook Home aspect, it is aimed only at those who cannot live without Facebook. This is where the HTC M4 may come into play though, as another low priced HTC device, but one without the deep Facebook integration.

HTC: The ‘One’ will be our only flagship smartphone this year

Today news has surfaced that the HTC One (M7) will be the companies only flagship "One" series smartphone released this year. The first thing that came to our minds was: what about Verizon? We know the new flagship HTC One is arriving on almost all major US carriers in mid March, but now it looks like Verizon might be left completely out in the cold.

HTC One launch event posted, you can watch it here

Given the coverage, it was hard to ignore the HTC One yesterday. That said, while the coverage was plentiful, we suspect there are some that would still like to have seen the actual launch event. If you happen to fall into that category, the 37 minute video can be seen in the post below. HTC had an event in New York and London and the video shows the latter which means you will be seeing HTC CEO Peter Chou.

HTC One benchmarks through the roof – sets the bar high

For those who missed all of the excitement this morning, HTC just announced their brand new smartphone for 2013 that will be arriving on multiple carriers throughout the world. The new HTC One is their flagship product, and is powered by the absolute latest 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 series processor from Qualcomm. Since we haven't seen benchmarks of that processor yet, and the One is brand new, check out the device blasting to the top spot scoring over 12,000 in Quadrant.

HTC One to launch with Boom Sound, Zoe and other buzz words

The HTC One event is underway and while we are seeing the usual details in terms of specs, we are also hearing quite a few new terms. In this case, terms such as Boom Sound and Zoe. These are two of the goodies that will be launching with the HTC One. In addition, we are also seeing talk of HDR sound recording and a new HTC developed music player.

HTC details Sense TV and Blinkfeed for the One series

Today HTC has just unveiled their new smartphone, the HTC One. Today's event is finally under way and the folks from HTC are sharing all sorts of exciting and fun things. While they've already announced an all new device, a redesigned and useful "new Sense" and more. We've now learned part of that new Sense experience includes what they're calling Blinkfeed, and the new Sense TV. More details below.

HTC One spotted in the wild in line for HTC One event

We're here folks! Live and ready to rock in New York City for the official announcement and unveiling of the much anticipated HTC One smartphone. The event is also going on over in London too, and our sister site SlashGear is also there live for any additional news or goodness from HTC this morning. Get ready for all the excitement guys!

HTC continues teasing ahead of the One announcement

The leaks surrounding the HTC M7 were fast and furious and eventually we saw that name change to the HTC One. We also saw that chatter switch from being leaks and rumors to teasing from HTC. In fact, they have been posting a steady stream of teasers on their official @HTC Twitter account. The most recent teaser image can be seen below.

HTC One image render leaks in black

Just when we had thought we seen everything related to the HTC One leak, it looks like we now have another image render to check out. This latest brings the familiar design that we saw earlier in the month, except it shows the handset in the other color. The previous was shown in white and this latest shows the handset in black. Otherwise, not much new in terms of details which really just goes to say that we have already seen just about everything. Well, everything except for the official announcement.

HTC One US availability tipped for March 22

Coming as another in a series of HTC One (M7) leaks and rumors, it looks like some price points and release dates have been revealed. The information is dealing with the US release and comes along with some details about the exterior casing. The key here is that while these details all sound believable enough -- nothing is official until we get the word from HTC. Well, HTC or the carriers.
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