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HTC Legend coming to AT&T or Maybe Canada, according to FCC

There’s no doubt about it, the HTC legend is one of the most beautiful devices ever made. It’s all aluminum unibody design with rubber accents are some of the best designs we have seen in any mobile device. It has recently cleared the FCC with AT&T 3G bands. Those of you in Canada know AT&T and Rogers shares the same bands so where this will land is anyone’s guess.

Vodafone UK confirm HTC Desire and exclusive HTC Legend in April

Vodafone UK have already confirmed that the Google Nexus One is arriving soon, and now the carrier has announced that it will be offering HTC's two latest Android smartphones come April.  The HTC Legend - which will be an exclusive to Vodafone UK - and the HTC Desire will both drop next month. Pricing for the two handsets is yet to be officially confirmed, though we're guessing Vodafone will end up offering them free on at least a few high-end plans.  The Legend has a 3.2-inch HVGA AMOLED touchscreen while the larger Desire has a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen; both run Android 2.1 with HTC's Sense UI enhancements. If you're looking for more on the HTC Legend, check out our full review over at SlashGear.  We're still waiting for HTC Desire review units to come through, but you know we'll be all over the Snapdragon-based Sense-toting smartphone when they do. HTC Legend hands-on: [vms 1715466cd580a448cf82] Press Release: HTC Legend and HTC Desire Coming Soon to Vodafone UK Android options grow for customers on the UK's best network NEWBURY, England, March 15 -- Vodafone UK customers can now register for the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, two of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones of the year. The new handsets, both powered by the Android operating system, are set to launch in April and customers can sign up for all of the latest information here. HTC Legend The HTC Legend will be available exclusively to Vodafone UK customers at launch and will come pre-loaded with a range of Vodafone 360 services, including Vodafone Music and MyWeb, sitting on top of the HTC Sense user interface in addition to full access to the Android Marketplace for apps. The Legend has a stunning 3.2 inch, AMOLED HVGA display allowing you to view the very best shots taken with the impressive 5 megapixel camera, as well as browsing the web and videos. In addition, the new optical joystick functionality makes the device quick and easy to use. HTC Desire HTC Desire will offer one of the richest mobile phone experiences. The large 3.7 inch screen AMOLED WVGA display enhances visual content, whether viewing photos, videos, browsing the web or catching up with mates with the Facebook, Twitter and Flickr integration of HTC's Friend Stream functionality. The HTC Desire is powered by a powerful one GHz Snapdragon processor, enabling multi tasks from app-to-app, and also comes with full Google application / app store integration. And the Vodafone UK, Android goodness doesn't end there: More devices will be available soon, including Google Nexus One and the Sony Ericsson X10, giving Vodafone UK customers plenty of options when it comes to choosing their favourite Android-based smartphone.

HTC’s Legend gets unboxing & first-impressions

The HTC Legend has arrived, and we're the first to bring you an unboxing video and first impressions of one of the most anticipated smartphones from MWC 2010 last month. Over at SlashGear we've been busily tearing the unibody Legend from its packaging to check out whether it's a suitable successor to the Hero. You certainly can't argue with the build quality, which is a step above the Hero's plastic casing.  The unibody aluminum shell manages to feel both sturdy and tactile, while the AMOLED display - although not quite as eye-catching as the Nexus One's expansive screen - is certainly bright and color-saturated. For the full gallery, unboxing and demo videos, plus some first impressions, head over to SlashGear! [gallery]

HTC Desire getting DivX support after update

This phone isn't even out yet the specs keep getting better and better. The Desire is the hottest Android around the web since the Nexus One. This snapdragon Sense UI monster will surely be another hit for HTC, DivX support will be added at some point to the Desire.

Expansys list Legend and Desire for April 12th release

Feeling flush and reasonably patient?  The HTC Legend and Desire, announced this week at Mobile World Congress 2010, have shown up for preorder at online retailer Expansys UK, complete with an expected Monday April 12th release date. The Legend, which has a 3.2-inch HVGA AMOLED touchscreen, milled aluminum body and 5-megapixel camera, is priced at £399.99 ($627), while the HTC Desire, which has a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen and is basically HTC's own-brand version of the Google Nexus One, is priced at £449.99 ($706). Both are sold unlocked and SIM-free; HTC told us at the launch event that just about all of the carriers in the target markets for the two devices were interested in offering both smartphones, so if you're willing to sign up to a contract you can likely get one far cheaper upfront. HTC Legend hands-on: [youtube][/youtube] HTC Desire hands-on: [youtube][/youtube]

VIDEO: HTC’s official presentation of its HTC Legend

HTC is really making it hard for us to choose our next Android device. This is their first official video presentation of the sexy uni-body HTC Legend. This is a very well designed phone and the presence of Sense UI really sets it apart from the growing field of Android phones.

Hands-on with HTC’s Legend Android phone

We grabbed a chance to sit down with HTC's new Legend right after the press conference today, and the milled-aluminum Android 2.1 smartphone doesn't disappoint. In terms of size it's noticeably thinner than the Hero, and the MacBook-smooth casing feels fantastic in the hand. The only plastic to be found is around the 5-megapixel camera and the battery compartment cover, and the latter does double-duty as the antenna. Like we found on the Nexus One, Android looks fantastic on an AMOLED panel, even when it's a smaller 3.2-inch HVGA display. The capacitive touchscreen is responsive and slick, and HTC's Sense widgets have also received a speed boost. The lag many users complained about experiencing on the Hero wasn't evident on the demo Legend handset (which was connected via 3G rather than WiFi) and the pinch-zoom "helicopter view" snapped in and out without delay. Similarly the Android 2.1 menus were responsive, to the point where we wondered if HTC had underplayed the 600MHz MSM7227 processor. We'll have to wait until our demo handset drops to see if that's the case with a well-used device, but so far we're impressed by the optimizations. Until then, check out the hands-on gallery and video demo below! HTC Legend hands-on video demo: [youtube][/youtube] [gallery]

HTC Legend: unibody Hero replacement with AMOLED

HTC have officially launched the HTC Legend, the successor to the Hero and a slick, unibody aluminum smartphone running Android 2.1.  Packing a 3.2-inch HVGA AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with multitouch support, the Legend also gets the latest version of HTC Sense 900/2100MHz UMTS/HSPA support and WiFi. The Hero's trackball has been junked in favor of an optical joystick, and an Exposé-style “helicopter view” which – with a pinch-zoom motion – shows all seven homescreen panes at once.  There's also a new app, Friend Stream; where before Sense’s Contacts app pulled in Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates to be viewed on a per-contact basis, Friend Stream puts them all into one single feed. More details over at SlashGear, and we'll have hands-on video and photos with the new smartphones after the press conference ends.
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