HTC Incredible 3

DROID Incredible 4G and Galaxy Nexus 16GB leak on Verizon for April

Have you been holding off on a Galaxy Nexus purchase because you can't handle the responsibility of 32GB of storage? Reaching the end of your two-year contract on the original HTC DROID Incredible? Then we've got good news for you: according to leaked documents found by Droid-Life, a new version of the Incredible going by either the "Incredible 3", "Incredible 4G" or (sigh) "Incredible 3 4G" will be released on April 26th. A 16GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus  will be out on April the 5th.

New ICS HTC phone leaks: looks like the HTC Incredible 3

Exiting news for the HTC crowd this morning: yet another phone has leaked its way out of the HTC headquarters. But this one is neither the often-spotted Ville or the drool-worthy Edge: it's a currently nameless slate running Ice Cream Sandwich and looking awfully familiar. Get a load of that asymmetrical battery cover - that styling has unmistakable echoes of the HTC Incredible and Incredible 2. The phone in question may or may not be the Incredible 3, but it's certainly real, and looks finished enough that it should show up in a more official capacity sometime in the next few months. Thanks to Phone Arena for the leaked photos.