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AT&T picking up HTC Desire, Sprint grabbing HTC Hero2

BGR just received word from an unnamed source at HTC that states the Desire will be headed to AT&T while the Legend will land on Sprint. They also told them that Google will be looking to sell an AT&T 3G-compatible Nexus One directly through their web store, but the unit for AT&T network will be the Sense UI Desire. But unlike the current Nexus being only available via Google's phone site, there will also be an option for AT&T customers to pick this puppy up in stores.

Android 2.1 HTC Hero update coming by March 2010

HTC have confirmed to us that the much-anticipated Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero is expected to arrive in Europe and Asia sometime in late February or March 2010.  The update will bring with it much of the new HTC Sense functionality added to the HTC Legend and HTC Desire as well. The actual feature set will vary depending on carrier and sales region.  One of the noticeable features of the new Sense is Friend Stream, which pulls out Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates from all contacts into a single list; unfortunately it will also be one of the features availability of which will vary. Unfortunately HTC also told us that the Magic won't be getting an Android 2.1 update. Update: HTC told us that some variants of HTC Magic will be getting 2.1 update. Rogers HTC Magic users should rejoice to know that 2.1 is coming their way.

LEGO Mindstorms gets Android remote control [Video]

The Japanese PLEN robot - that used an Android smartphone as its remote - is great, but at $3,000 it's a little too expensive for the casual hobbyist.  Instead, how about using some more affordable LEGO Mindstorms kit; that's what the Enea Android team have done, taking advantage of the Mindstorms' integrated Bluetooth to remotely control it from an HTC Hero. Movement is handled by physically tilting the phone, and the user can switch between guiding more than one robot.  It's not quite as straightforward as pairing the Mindstorms 'bot with the Hero, however, since the Android 1.5 OS the smartphone is running doesn't actually support the Bluetooth serial profile (SPP).  Instead, the Hero gets a WiFi link to a nearby laptop, and the laptop bridges the connection via its own Bluetooth adapter. Still, Android 2.1 supports SPP, and so we can only hope an update to the app is in the works.  There's plenty of cheap LEGO Mindstorms kit on eBay, after all. [youtube][/youtube] [via Recombu]

Orange HTC Hero gets firmware update

HTC have released new firmware for the Orange version of the HTC Hero.  The software - version for Orange - is available to download from HTC's support site; however it looks unlikely to be the much-anticipated Android 2.1 firmware update. The previous ROM for the Orange version of the Hero was, meaning this is likely a very minor update.  However HTC do not indicate what particular changes have been made, so we'll have to wait until an Orange Hero owner updates and lets us know any differences. [via CoolSmartPhone]

HTC Hero To Get Android 2.1 In March

All you early adopters of the Euro HTC Hero, the one with the chin, now have something to smile about. A representative of Irish mobile operator Meteor has tipped of the guys at EURODROID that they received a notice from HTC that they should expect and update to Android 2.1 sometime in March.

Sprint HTC Hero and HTC Tattoo kernel source released

Modders start your engines!  HTC have released the kernel source code for both the HTC Tattoo - their entry level Android device - and the Sprint version of the HTC Hero.  Each package is available from HTC's developer center. As we've seen before, while it's been possible to mod devices without having public access to the kernel source code, once those files are out in the open it becomes a far easier matter.  We're expecting to see some interesting tweaks, especially for the popular Sprint Hero. [via Twitter]

Sprint’s Hero & Moment Will Receive Android 2.0 on First Half of 2010

Since someone caught an HTC Hero in the wild running Android 2.1 with a new HTC Sense UI, all Hero users here in the US are asking how and when will they be receiving the Eclair treatment. The answer from HTC and Sprint Twitter accounts points to early next year. So now, as you can see on the images above, we can be almost certain that Hero and Moment users on Sprint, will not get Android 2.1, but instead, Android 2.0. And according to Sprint's twitter account, the date is "TBD (To Be Determined), but roughly 1H 2010". And HTC's twitter account confirms that the Sprint Hero will get Eclair "early next year". We're happy to see that Hero and Moment owners will no longer be stuck with Android 1.5 and that they will soon be getting all the goodies that come with Android Eclair.

Sim Free HTC Hero for Sale Online with Support for AT&T 3G

So you are not happy with the chinless nice-looking HTC Hero from Sprint, and you definitely don't like the HTC Eris from Verizon. You probably are looking for a Hero from across the pond, and you have not been lucky enough to get it here. That might change soon. You see, Negri Electronics are selling both; the black and white HTC Hero smartphones. The phones are nothing out of the ordinary, they still have the always nice Sense UI and the attractive (not to me personally) body that many of you out there love. The main thing besides the shape of the body, is that it is the North American version, and will support AT&T's 3G bands. With less 3G coverage, more drop calls and a much higher price on the plans, why would anyone prefer AT&T over Verizon or Sprint? Well, that's beyond me. The prices, as you can see on the image above, are $579.50 for the black Hero, and $585.50 for the white version. That kind of money will get you a NAM, SIM free HTC Hero with Android 1.5 and all the regular Hero features. Now is up to you to decide if after paying that kind of money, it would still be worth it to pay the high prices of the Death Star. Sound off and let us know what your thoughts are on this one.

Sprint airs a new Now Network Commercial with the HTC Hero in it [Video]

If you have seen one of the new Now Network TV Commercials from Sprint/Nextel, then you have notice how different - and better - those are in comparison to the old black and white with Dan Hesse in them. Well, Sprint is now airing one of those nicer Now Network ads with the HTC Hero in it. This new TV commercial is for the holiday shoppers to see some of the best handsets that Sprint carries. In it you can see the little black pebble; the Palm Pre, the chinless (and better looking, at least in my opinion) HTC Hero and the BlackBerry Tour. Unfortunately, the Samsung Moment is missing on this commercial, why Sprint did not include the Samsung smartphone is a mystery. But at least is finally releasing commercials for Android devices, and calls the Sprint HTC Hero as a customizable phone with access to thousands of applications. [youtube][/youtube]
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