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HTC Legend AMOLED struggling with grayscale

The AMOLED display used by HTC for their Legend smartphone has ended up under the microscope this week, with Tweakers enlisting the help of color-testing equipment after the handset was criticised for not displaying grayscale colors properly.  According to their results, the Legend's screen shows various degrees of pink, grey, brown and green rather than true grayscale. At this stage, Tweakers aren't conclusive on whether the issue lies with the AMOLED display itself, or its white balance settings.  However, the effect - in varying degrees - was observed in two Legend handsets they tested.  Meanwhile brightness was also down, with the Legend mustering 253 cd/m2 while its Hero predecessor - which uses an LCD display - managed 310 cd/m2.  Unfortunately an HTC Desire wasn't available for Tweakers to similarly examine.

HTC Hero with Cox Branding Gets Purchased on Craigslist

Yes, Cox Cable is working on a wireless service. Slowly, but surely, the cable providers wants to have their own niche market, and if these screenshots from Android Central are any indicator, then it looks like the company was using an Android-based device for testing. Sure, it could mean that the company plans on launching the wireless service with the CDMA HTC Hero as part of their wireless line-up, but for now, we'll just chalk this one up to testing.

Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 ROM Leaked

Just a quick little tip here: if you've got a rooted HTC Hero for Sprint, and you don't want to lose it, then you shouldn't download this leaked ROM version with Release Keys in tow. But, if you've been eagerly anticipating the release of the official Android 2.1 for the Sense-powered Hero, then maybe you should stop waiting, head on over to right here, and get your download on.

Dual Boot Android to Android?

You ever want to try out a new ROM but didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to set everything up again, perform a nandroid/bart/switchrom, or reapply your theme again? Now you don’t have to, you can now boot up two different ROM’s on the same device without them conflicting in any way with each other. Now you can, but currently it’s only been tested on the original HTC Hero.

Sprint Android 2.1 Hitting HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in May

So, would you like some kind of confirmation as to when you're going to get some Android 2.1 goodness on your Sprint Android-based devices? You know the ones: the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. Well, looks like we can finally put ourselves to some type of ease, as we've just seen an internal Sprint screenshot that details (without much detail) the upcoming release of the Android 2.1 upgrade.

Leaked 2.1 Update For The Hero

A member of the xda-developers forum called yrreP claims to have received an email at work that outlines the schedule of the Android 2.1 update to the HTC Hero/T-Mobile G2. Most readers of this article seem to believe that it is true.
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