HTC Golf

HTC Golf image leaks – looks like a mini One X

Well folks, it looks like another HTC phone is in the works after a fresh press shot was leaked this afternoon. We are still enjoying the new HTC One series of phones and thought HTC's plan for 2012 was "less is more" while they focus on quality, but I guess not. They still plan on churning out plenty of smartphones from the way things appear. More details after the break.

HTC Golf revealed via photo sample

HTC made a commitment to a "hero" strategy for phones in 2012, culminating in the One X, One S and One V models. But it would appear that these aren't the only ones they've got up their sleeve: PocketNow spotted a test photo from something called the "HTC Golf" in the EXIF data. The three-megapixel photo isn't much t ogo one, just showing a teal background of some kind, but they've also got some alleged specifications to go along with it. There's still room for the very bottom of the low-end in HTC's new lineup (the sort of niche formerly filled by the Wildfire S) though we're still a little surprised to see yet another entry so soon.