HTC G2 reportedly leaks in screenshots with Sense 5.0

While the past few weeks all the attention has been on HTC's upcoming M7 flagship smartphone, the company actually has a few more in the works for early 2013. Reports have somewhat confirmed HTC will be launching the M7, an M4, as well as a device codenamed the G2. Now this isn't the first time we've heard G2, but that's just a code name. More details can be found below.

T-Mobile G2 Warranty Replacement Phones Shipped with Gingerbread by Mistake

Internal documents now being circulated at T-Mobile are showing what we have heard a few times but have yet to confirm. Apparently multiple warranty replacement HTC G2 phones were shipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread by mistake. The G2 currently runs vanilla Android 2.2 FroYo and is still waiting for the OTA upgrade to 2.3 but it looks like that update is closer than we thought. Gingerbread recently was leaked for the G2 but that was the last we heard of it.

T-Mobile G2 hitting End of Life Already?

Smartphones have feelings too and when the term EOL gets placed next to their name they get sad. End of Life is what we are now seeing tied to the HTC T-Mobile G2 in a leaked T-Mobile document. It appears that the popular slider from team magenta will be getting shipped to the Android Cemetery in the coming weeks. It has been missing from the T-Mobile online store for a little while and many stores are out of stock with none en route.

Details on T-Mobile “Insomnia Sale” with free Sidekick 4G and G2

According to T-Mobile and their twitter account we have just got the details on the Insomnia Sale, or after-hours sale they have been talking about. They will be selling some of their hottest summer devices at extremely low prices, or in this case free for those that stay up late with them and can get in on the action. Here is the official tweet. It is tonight, May 25th so don't waste any time.

HTC Vision/G2 gets some Sense UI Gingerbread Love

As more and more phones get some tasty Gingerbread, Rom developers are busy doing everything they can to make sure everyone gets a taste. Over at VillainROM forums a dev by the name of HomerSp has put together some SenseGinger for all you HTC Vision owners, (aka the Desire Z or T-Mobile G2). This is a purely stock ROM of Gingerbread, with HTC's Sense UI both at the same time. HomerSp and VillainRom's are proud to present the first Sense UI Gingerbread ROM for the Vision.

G2 Loose Hinge Officially Corrected

Remember way back at the beginning of time when the G2 came out on T-Mobile and everyone was all mad because the hinge was loose? We reviewed the G2 it basically right after those reports came out and the problem seemed to be fixed, if not OVERLY fixed with a super tight fitting hinge that seemed like it'd never get loose again. Now there's official word that indeed, T-Mobile did work out the problem, a T-Mobile rep telling XDA user hyunnnnny they'd even gone so far as to replace older versions with working ones.

Early T-Mobile G2 hardware issues, Missing storage, loose hinges [Video]

The highly anticipated T-Mobile G2 is making it’s way into eager customers hands. However, it’s not all good news. Early reports from a few close with the device have noticed that their devices have shipped with hinges that are not fully attached, and even - in some reports - their devices are not shipping with the correct amount of storage. The hinge problem may not be directly annoying in everyday use of the phone, but it could be unsettling knowing your phone is not as solid as you would expect it to be. The real issue here is the hinge is especially loose and the screen is hanging when the phone is held upside down, as seen in the image above. A more practical annoying fault of this issue is when you’re holding the phone at some angles, the screen will snap shut. The second issue involves the storage shipping inside the devices not being what users have actually ordered. In some cases shipped G2 that are said to contain 4GB of internal storage and were clocking in with a total of 2GB. We, as well, have no idea how such a mix up would happen but we expect either exchanges for customers made available or a larger microSD card to compensate for the storage loss. More on this issue will definitely be coming in the coming days. To our forum members who have ordered a G2, are you experiencing any issues? Let us know in the comment section below! [Via Engadget]
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