HTC First

HTC First vs HTC One and other Android phones

So now that the HTC First "Facebook Phone" is official and hitting the streets this Friday, we figured a quick vs running down the specs and details were in order. Below we'll go through a few things we like and don't like about the HTC First, then compare them to the beautiful flagship HTC One - as well as other Android smartphones available or coming soon.

HTC First Review

With the HTC First we've got what both HTC and Facebook are presenting as this year's Facebook Phone. While we've seen devices in the past with Facebook-centric bodies and with Facebook features added to their basic Android software experience, here with the HTC first we've got what both HTC and Facebook are very clearly saying is their hero environment for the mobile universe. This isn't just an HTC Salsa with a Facebook button attached - it's the first full embodiment of Facebook Home!

Facebook Home Review

Time to get social folks! In just a few days time you'll be able to get your hands all over the all-new Facebook experience on Android, simply called Facebook Home. If you want an even deeper experience the HTC first smartphone will also be available on the same day, April 12th, for you to enjoy Facebook in all its glory. We've had a chance to take Facebook Home for a spin lately and you'll want to read on to see if it's a worthy home screen replacement, or just a gimmick by Facebook to stay relevant.

PSA: HTC first is a stock Jelly Bean phone with one simple tap

Yesterday Facebook and HTC finally announced their joint venture into another Facebook Phone, although this time it truly is more of a Facebook Phone than the previous failures. We've been seeing mixed feelings and reports on the entire idea, and it's safe to say we have our own doubts. However, there is one awesome fact about the HTC first. It runs stock Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean under the Facebook Home launcher.

HTC first and Facebook Home hands-on

After months of rumors and speculation, today the first true Facebook Phone has finally been unveiled. While we still want to call it the Facebook Phone, it really isn't. Instead it's just the 'first' of many that will be coming soon. Facebook Home will launch on April 12th, and the HTC first with an embedded and unique Facebook Home experience will too. We just got our hands on it, so read on for our initial thoughts and a quick video.

HTC first available for pre-order today: Hits AT&T April 12 for $99

For all you social network butterflies the folks from Facebook came out swinging today. Or at least some might think so. As I'm sure many of you know today Facebook detailed their plan to get social to the core of Android. With Facebook Home taking over our smartphones, chat heads making communication easy, and of course the first device known as the HTC first. If you want one read on to find out how and when.

HTC first revealed: the Facebook Phone lives

We knew it was coming considering the multiple leaks over the past week. Facebook and HTC have done a relatively good job keeping this a secret for the most part, but now we have all the info. Announced moments ago is what we'll all be calling the HTC first - the first Facebook Phone! The leaks were legit, the phone is real and headed to AT&T, and we have all the details below.
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