HTC First

AT&T HTC First: when an inventory sellout may not equal instant success

The HTC First has been an interesting handset to watch. The handset originally launched with a $99 price point that was quickly slashed to under a buck. When AT&T dropped the price to $0.99 (on a two-year agreement) that brought speculation about how things were going downhill for the handset. The carrier maintained the price drop was for a sale, however an end date has still not been announced.

HTC First Google Edition: when Facebook fails

HTC has been in the news a lot lately regarding their failed attempt at a Facebook Phone, again. We've also been hearing a lot of rumors about an HTC One 'Google Edition' to compete with Samsung's stock Android experience phone. With many questions around how the Ultrapixel camera and beats audio features would work without HTC's proprietary software we have an answer, and that is the HTC First Google Edition. Or just call it the HTC Second.

HTC top executives continue to disappear

We are still seeing chatter about a Verizon Wireless branded HTC One and about how handset production is set to increase to meet the strong demand, but on the other hand it is getting harder and harder to look the other way. By that other way, we are talking about all the HTC employees that seem to be leaving. Well, that and the bit about the HTC First price slashing that AT&T has recently done. Basically, things aren't looking all that good for HTC at the moment.

HTC First reportedly getting the axe from AT&T

AT&T lowered the price of the HTC First late last week and naturally, that had some questioning the success of the phone. To give a little background here, the HTC First was the first phone to launch with Facebook Home and it came available with AT&T on April 12. Basically, that is to say the handset had only been available for about a months time before that price cut arrived. The timing seems quick, however AT&T also lowered the price quite significantly. The HTC First went from $99.99 down to $0.99 on a two-year agreement.

HTC M4 to launch with specs of the First and styling of the One

We have seen previous leaks and rumors surrounding the HTC M4, however as of today we are seeing details that seem to have shifted from what we last heard. Earlier in the month the M4 rumors were pointing to a handset that would be similar to that of the HTC First. Basically, it was looking like the M4 would launch with specs similar to the First, but the rumor also suggested the handset would have a build quality closer to that of the First as opposed to the One.
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