HTC Droid Incredible

Droid X 2, Droid 3, and Droid Incredible 2 Confirmed by Inside Source

We've just been passed a fabulously juicy bit of information regarding the DROID line of phones hanging out at Verizon. Each of the following: Droid X 2, Droid 3, and Droid Incredible 2, have been confirmed for future release. Much more than that we do not know, but rest assured, they'll be on Verizon, and they'll be coming out more than likely sometime this year. I KNEW they'd not stop Droid anytime soon - why else would they keep a gigantic billboard saying DROID DOES APPS up the whole summer right on top of First Ave in Minneapolis?

HTC Droid Incredible the One to Stop the Bullet? [UPDATE]

Remember a couple days ago when we totally brought you that news story about the bullet being stopped by an HTC phone before anyone else did? At that point it had been picked up by WSBTV, a news network from Atlanta, the same location as the shooting. Turns out that same day the AP released the video that WSBTV purchased to run on their show. That version of the video can be seen below. Also that same day, the periodical by the name of BGR ran a story similar to ours - with one difference: they name the phone.

Gingerbread ROM Near Completion for DROID Incredible

You've got you a DROID Incredible and you're just itching to see what Android 2.3 Gingerbread can do for you, yes? Well guess who's hard at work on a ROM for that? XDA Developers. They've already got a list of devices for whom ROMs for other devices such as HTC HD2, Droid Eris, Hero, Desire, Wildfire, and the EVO 4G, and soon enough DROID Incredible is bound to be up for completion.

Motorola Droid X, 2, & Pro with HTC Droid Incredible on Sale for 1 Penny at Amazon

Are you someone who's been waiting to get their hands on one of Verizon's high-profile Android devices, but haven't been able to pull the trigger due to the price? Well, if you're someone who doesn't mind buying things from Amazon's digital store shelves, then the retailer has a great deal for you. As of right now, and until November 22nd, you can pick up one of those high profile devices for only one penny.

Droid Incredible for Verizon Now Just $149.99

Apparently following in the footsteps of its Motorola Droid brethren, the Droid Incredible by HTC has just fallen down to $149.99 as well. The same "small print" comes along for the ride with this price drop as well. You'll still have to sign a new, two-year agreement and make sure you send in a mail-in rebate. But, the overall price is $50 cheaper -- does that mean something is coming to replace it?

Verizon Urban Challenge: Win a Droid Incredible

Verizon is holding its own race challenge in the city of Seattle in order to promote the HTC Droid Incredible. The race will be this Saturday and Verizon is giving away six Droid Incredibles which will run Android 2.2 OS to the winners. Full details after the break. There were 50 spots in the challenge, but unfortunately the regristation is over so you'll just have to watch others compete. Contestants will have to complete various tasks while running through Seattle to win either first, second, or third place prizes. The first-place team will receive $3,000, two Droid Incredibles, and a two $125 Verizon gift cards. The second-place team will receive $1,500, two Droid Incredibles, and a two gift cards as well. Third will receive $500 along with the phones and gift cards. Sounds like a pretty cool contest and kind of like the show Amazing Race shown on ABC. I would have definitely entered if I was in the Seattle area, who doesn't want a lil bit of a challenge plus the opportunity to win some cash and phones. You can check out the full details on Verizon's website. Via [Verizon Urban Challenge]

HTC Desire HD ROM Ported to Droid Incredible, Desire, and EVO 4G

Just a few days after the announcement of HTC Desire HD, we heard that the ROM has been extracted. Well we now have a followup of the happenings between then and now. The developers behind the extract have not got it ip and running on the HTC Desire as well as the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G. They are still not perfect, missing camera support, WiFi and 4G, but they are definitely a start.

Droid Incredible 2.2 Update Still Rolling Out: What About the Droid X?

There have been rumors that the Droid Incredible 2.2 update had been stalled over the weekend. It appears that information was incorrect and, the update is still rolling out to several individuals. Verizon is hoping to have all the OTA updates rolled out by 9/3 so sit tight. If you are tired of waiting you can manually install the update with the direct from Google available HERE. Follow these simple instructions below to get it installed and remember this is for STOCK non-rooted users only.
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