Google Street View Hands On Video Demo

The G1 offers a lot of location based services including the ability to see where your friends are. Similar to Buddy Beacon the G1 can help you locate others as well as broadcast your location, however it is not limited to those who are using a specific application. It is the same with all Android phones.

Camera-shy Brown G1 Spotted at last! – More G1 Live Photos

With all the sightings of the G1 at the event today, it has become clear that black is the color favorite. There were a few white models in pictures here and there. Word is the brown one was spotted but we really did not see much of it.  While the showroom was crowded with long lines and tons of media running about we had to get a shot of the brown, so we sent Vince back in to seek one out. He managed to get his hands on it but only for a moment, as well as plenty more hands-on images.

T-Mobile G1 using multi-core Qualcomm processor?

A forum user has tipped off Android Community on the G1 chipset. It appears the chipset used in the G1 will be made by Qualcomm, and is one of the company's 7201 multi-core processors, a dual core to be precise. It is said to be more stable and energy efficient than most processors; however, unusually, the two cores are not the same.

The first core is a speciality core dedicated solely to phone functionality such as making phone calls. The second core is a general purpose core intended for applications, in order to accommodate more application processing load. The end result should be less lag due to overloaded phone processors. According to the tip, clock speed for both cores will be the same. Because of this, overclocking the G1 will not have much of an increase in performance. There are reportedly still some problems with the multi-core setup that, under specific situations, may cause the phone to crash; Qualcomm is apparently "working around the clock" to fix the drivers at the root of this.

T-Mobile G1 website is up!

Just moments ago went online. The site appears to be ready to cover the announcement tomorrow morning. Different buttons including "See", "Learn", "Do" and "Get it First" hint at a pre-order starting tomorrow.

At the top is a navigation bar including "T-Mobile Sites", "Shop", "locate" and "Support". While the site does not actually give you any details it does hint at a lot. The information as well as full announcement coverage is not up yet. The tabs read:

Win a T-Mobile G1 smartphone with Android Community!

Who doesn’t want a free Android smartphone? To celebrate the launch of T-Mobile’s G1, we are going to give the new handset away to one of our community members during our Live Blog of T-Mobile’s Android announcement on September 23rd . To be in with a chance of winning, you'll need to be a registered user and logged into the forum during the live blog. ( Sound simple? The winner will be selected at random and announced via the Live Blog. A notification will be sent out to the registered email of the user account, making it very important that the email address listed in your profile is correct. The winner then has 5 minutes to post in this forum to claim their prize. If the first winner doesn't speak up within five minutes (based on the forum clock), we'll pick another member at random and the process will start again. We'll continue until we have a winner!

G1 appears on T-Mobile customer promotions page

The Android-based G1 has already started showing up on T-Mobile USA's website, as a promotions page for existing customers.  While the pre-registration link does not yet work, it's apparent confirmation that the device will be offered to existing T-Mobile users prior to general availability.

It also confirms the handset's name - the T-Mobile G1.  Up until now the device had been referred to as "T-Mobile's first Android-based device". There is still no word on pricing; the current rumors suggest $199, but that may not necessarily refer to the pre-registration price for existing subscribers.  T-Mobile have scheduled a launch event for the G1 on September 23rd, which Android Community will be Live Blogging at [via Engadget]

T-Mobile G1 more live photos leak!

More live photos of T-Mobile's G1 smartphone - the Android-based handset by HTC, otherwise known as the Dream - have leaked. Courtesy of Rizzn at Utterli, the live images apparently come via an internal source at Google, who had been talking with an Android tester.

The tester in question had supposedly been using the G1 as his primary phone, confirming that the device is going through the final stages of testing in real-world scenarios. T-Mobile will be announcing the Android G1 on September 23rd, at an event that Android Community will be Live Blogging. No new details from the photos, nor any extra leaked specs, and it's unclear if there is any branding on the G1. What it does show is how much the device resembles the Sidekick, particularly when being used in horizontal mode with the QWERTY keyboard. [via Pestoala - Thanks Sebastian!]

T-Mobile Android launch confirmed Sept 23rd: We’ll be Live Blogging

Android Community has just been invited to an event that will see the launch of the first Android powered T-Mobile smartphone.  The press conference will be on September 23rd at 10:30AM EDT and we'll be Live Blogging the whole event, together with bringing you hands-on photos of the new Android device from a live product demonstration.

The cellphone we expect to see officially unveiled is HTC's Dream, which is believed to be branded the T-Mobile G1.  The September 23rd event ties in with the previously leaked suggestion that the carrier would be announcing their Android handset on this date, with availability by the end of October. Both T-Mobile and Google executives will be presenting the G1, and we'll have all the details as they happen.  The Live Blog address is so join us on September 23rd!

Android handset makes appearance at Google London Developer Day

Google brought along what was described as a working Android cellphone "for the first time in Europe" at the London Google Developer Day earlier this morning.  Although the handset's branding was covered, those present at the event described it as looking " very much like the HTC Dream" and being "far more polished" than engineering samples we've seen previously. It also saw Android's Mike Jennings reaffirm that the platform was not just for cellphones. When asked by a developer whether the open-source OS could be loaded on devices other than mobile handsets, he replied "why not?"   The software demonstration given included an OpenGL and Java app that could render, on the Android handset itself, a rotating and morphing cube at an impressive 40 frames per second. Google also confirmed that users would be able to update the OS on their device themselves, likely through a USB connection rather than over the air.  Gears for Mobile was also discussed, with the system now having a geolocation API that should tie into Android's location-specific functionality. [youtube][/youtube] [Thanks Alan!]
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