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HTC Desire 500 unveiled as mid-level device for those in Taiwan

As we had been expecting to happen this week, HTC has officially unveiled the Desire 500 smartphone. This handset will be arriving as a mid-range device and aimed at the "young generation." Specifically, HTC is pushing the Desire 500 towards "college students and new graduates entering the job market." But with that in mind, it looks like that group will be limited by the availability.

HTC Desire 500 launch set for next week

While the handset specifics are still unknown, HTC will be launching the Desire 500 smartphone next week. The initial launch will be for those in Taiwan, however the handset is also expected to arrive in other markets. The Desire 500 will join the Desire 200 and 600 smartphones and based on the message on the event invite, it appears as if it will be a device aimed at first-time or younger smartphone buyers.

HTC Desire 200 tips even smaller HTC One mini for budget crowd

There's a super-small HTC One out there just waiting to hit the super-budget crowd, one called HTC Desire 200. This machine brings with it a super small display and a low-powered single-core processor to make the HTC brand come in hot with the low-cost segment: one HTC has been lagging behind in since they've placed so much of their efforts in the high-powered One.

HTC Desire 600 to launch with dual-SIM support and a 4.5-inch qHD display

HTC has officially announced their latest handset, the Desire 600. This model is set to arrive in June and will be joining the midrange lineup. HTC will launch the Desire 600 with a 4.5-inch Super LCD2 qHD display and with other goodies to include BlinkFeed and BoomSound. And while the Desire 600 will not have the Zoe feature, those users will have something similar. There will also be dual-SIM support for those looking to keep their work and home life seperate.

HTC Desire Q gets official in Taiwan, arrives with Ice Cream Sandwich

Details of the HTC Desire P and the Desire Q were leaking throughout the month of March. HTC then offered an official announcement for the Desire P a few days back and as of today, it looks like we now have the same for the Desire Q. The catch here, the handset is not what anyone would consider high-end or exciting. Not to mention, the initial availability seems to be limited to those in Taiwan.

HTC Desire P unveiled for those in Taiwan

Coming off some recent leaks and rumors, it looks like HTC has officially unveiled the Desire P smartphone. HTC has offered up some specs along with some details in terms of the release. While they have yet to offer a specific release date, that may not matter as much given where the handset will be available.
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