HTC Desire

HTC Desire 600 to launch with dual-SIM support and a 4.5-inch qHD display

HTC has officially announced their latest handset, the Desire 600. This model is set to arrive in June and will be joining the midrange lineup. HTC will launch the Desire 600 with a 4.5-inch Super LCD2 qHD display and with other goodies to include BlinkFeed and BoomSound. And while the Desire 600 will not have the Zoe feature, those users will have something similar. There will also be dual-SIM support for those looking to keep their work and home life seperate.

HTC Desire Q gets official in Taiwan, arrives with Ice Cream Sandwich

Details of the HTC Desire P and the Desire Q were leaking throughout the month of March. HTC then offered an official announcement for the Desire P a few days back and as of today, it looks like we now have the same for the Desire Q. The catch here, the handset is not what anyone would consider high-end or exciting. Not to mention, the initial availability seems to be limited to those in Taiwan.

HTC Desire P unveiled for those in Taiwan

Coming off some recent leaks and rumors, it looks like HTC has officially unveiled the Desire P smartphone. HTC has offered up some specs along with some details in terms of the release. While they have yet to offer a specific release date, that may not matter as much given where the handset will be available.

HTC Desire P and Desire Q smartphone details begin to leak

We have yet to get any official details from HTC, however it looks like they have plans to continue the Desire smartphone line. The latest comes by way of a recent leak and is showing details on two yet to be announced handsets -- the Desire P and the Desire Q. The Desire P carries the model number of T326h and the Desire Q carries the model number of T328h.

HTC Desire X hands-on

HTC is staying rather casual this year at IFA 2012, but their low profile did manage to bring one new smartphone to our hands. Meet the recently announced HTC Desire X. It's more compact than the larger HTC One X and One S, while having a bump in size and specs over the budget-aimed One V. HTC is aiming for the middle of the road mass market with this device so lets take a peek.

HTC Desire X pictured in the wild – full details leaked

Late last week some rumors started circulating about a device called the HTC Proto, that however is actually a device that has already been released. Today though we've got some clarification, as the device in question is actually the all new HTC Desire X and we have all the details. Check out the images and spec sheet below.

HTC announces a trio of Desire phones for China

Don't call them Ones: HTC has just announces three brand new and hitherto unknown phones for the Chinese market.. The three devices broadly follow the HTC One series in styling and featureset, but are technically members of the Desire family. The HTC Desire VT T328t, VC T328d, and V T328w (catchy, huh?) all have similar specs and features, but will be launched seperately on China's three largest cellular providers. Refreshingly, all three will run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0 at launch.
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