HTC ChaChaCha

HTC ChaCha launch tipped by HTC Facebook events

HTC only confirmed a Q2 2011 release window for the HTC ChaCha, one of its two "Facebook phones" announced at MWC 2011 a few months back; however, it seems the company's own Facebook pages have tipped more accurate dates. HTC Germany has announced a series of Facebook-centric events in Dortmund (Germany), Wien (Austria) and Zürich (Switzerland) kicking off June 18. The Austrian event follows on July 2, while the Swiss event will take place on July 18. We've seen HTC hold similar public launch events before; the HTC Sensation gave them cause to stage a party in London last month for the new flagship. Of course, that doesn't mean the ChaCha - and perhaps its Facebook friend the HTC Salsa - won't arrive in other markets first. HTC's European range often goes on sale in the UK initially, so it's possible the Android smartphone may show up there prior to mid-June. [vms b776e3143e8a1a057788] [via the::unwired]

HTC : Release the Dogs [AC Event Security Series]

Standing there at the HTC booth at Mobile World Congress 2011 several minutes after they'd had a press conference in a different place entirely with the rest of my teammates, I came to see a mad rush to release the next generation of HTC handheld devices. Holding the crowd back from the showroom floor, as it were, the various representatives, workers, and show people replaced about every other phone that was already on the floor with the new devices that'd been announced less than a half hour before. This was no less than a microcosm of the event as a whole and indeed of this new mobile technology culture's ravenousness as a whole. Come with us on this pointed journey.

HTC ChaCha Considers an Additional Cha for ChaChaCha

Oh my goodness this is just silly. Apparently, according to HTC's spain Twitter account, they'll be marketing the HTC ChaCha as the HTC ChaChaCha. There are several reasons why this could be happening. The first and most obvious reason is that the HTC ChaCha is currently facing litigation from the company who feels that HTC's choice of the name ChaCha infringes on their company name which also happens to be none other than the same set of letters and capitalization: ChaCha. Will adding another Cha appease them?