HTC ChaCha

PSA: There is no 3D Facebook Phone

Even though an HTC Status 3D would be the talk of the town, certainly, if it were real, and certainly not only for positive reasons, we've got to let you know that the September Best Buy BUYER'S GUIDE has a slightly less than factual bit to it. On the back cover of our beloved Best Buy mobile-intensive mini magazine, (the one you can get when you walk in the door, right over by all the smartphones,) there are three devices, (four, technically,) sitting one next to another: the "ThunderBolt by HTC", the "HTC EVO 3D" and the "HTC Status 3D" with new choice of either AT&T standard silver coloring or Best Buy's exclusive Mauve coloring. I asked, they giggled.

HTC Status Free and Motorola Triumph $250 this week at Target

It's no mistake that we've got more than a couple posts each week regarding Target Superstore, it's just logical - yours truly lives in the heart of the beast, the birthplace of Target itself, Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota. The ad you see below was photographed inside the Target which sits on the very ground where the first Target in the world once stood (unfortunately it was terrible, apparently, and they had to knock it down to make way for a much better building to house Target once again.) Wild! Now that you've got the facts, let's talk about these devices on sale: three of them are running Android and all three of them have a deal attached.

HTC Status Facebook Phone getting discontinued already?

It appears AT&T is ready to de-friend the HTC Status. Are AT&T and HTC looking to discontinue the HTC Status (aka Facebook phone) already? I know deep down all you readers are screaming NOOO silently because you all just love this little phone. Some new rumors are floating around and have yet to be confirmed that are claiming that AT&T is ready to put this little guy down after only a short while on the market.

HTC Status Review

Welcome to our official Facebook Phone review - at least that's what they'll have you believe if you're in the AT&T store. What I'd bill this phone as is the greatest little keyboard in the West that just so happens to have a Facebook button below it and a display that's just a little bit too small, but certainly bright and sharp. I come from an environment where I basically skipped over the BlackBerry era and went straight to 4-inch and above displays, so keep that in mind when you take this trip with me down Android way on a device that's by no means perfect, but shoot if it isn't pretty looking and nice to hold.

AT&T HTC Status on sale for $50

The HTC Status has officially gone on sale at AT&T, the carrier's branded version of the HTC ChaCha. The QWERTY-toting Facebook phone has a compact touchscreen, runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a custom version of HTC Sense on top, and has a dedicated Facebook button for sharing photos and other updates to the wildly-popular social network. In addition, there's a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and a flash, a front-facing webcam for video calls, and 3G connectivity. Elsewhere there's WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth and GPS, together with a microSD card slot that comes with a 2GB card pre-loaded (but which can support up to 32GB). AT&T is asking $50 for the Status, which makes it one of the cheaper Android devices around; obviously you'll also need a new, two-year agreement with mandatory data plan. More details on the Status in our hands-on and unboxing; we'll have a full review very soon!

HTC Status Hands-On and Unboxing

It's Facebook time again! We've got our hands on the HTC Status, aka the HTC ChaCha, aka one of two Facebook phones as released on AT&T for the greater good of Facebook fun in the USA. This device is one announced with a slew of ultra-fantastic HTC devices back at Mobile World Congress 2011, this again one of several that were not allowed to be touched at the time. We've got mega hands-on action coming at you now though, all if it personal and in-tune! The following is the initial look at this device, simple and smooth, then it's time for you to ask all the questions and we'll let loose - ANSWERS GALORE!

HTC Status Announced for AT&T, Here comes the Facebook Phone

In case you missed it HTC has been brewing what some have been calling a "Facebook Phone" and today HTC and AT&T have officially announced that it will indeed be headed to the U.S. cleverly named the HTC Status. You have probably seen the HTC ChaCha name a few times and they are basically twins. Feel free to check out our man Chris Davies review of the HTC ChaCha for a better idea of the hardware.

HTC Status Coming Soon: ChaCha in Purple and Black!

Remember yesterday when we dropped a truth bomb on you with the post entitled LG Optimus Skittles? Well it turns out that the colors march on. Here comes a couple more colorways for your ever-loving HTC ChaCha, this time released on Canada's TELUS Mobility mobile carrier, some fabulous blacks, blues, purples and highlights in pink! How ever could you resist this little monster now? You can't. Don't resist.

HTC Taiwanese Recruitment Video Reveals Glimpse of Future Devices

It's always enjoyable to see new devices, especially when they've got a chance at running Android, and ESPECIALLY when they pop up out of nowhere when you least expect them. Today we happened upon some drawings being done over in Taiwan by the HTC crew rolling out a recruitment video attempting to grab some new minds for one of their ideation centers. This video comes straight from HTC, so we can't imagine that the images you see below are TOO secret, but they're fun to glimpse at nonetheless.
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