• Qualcomm introduces 5th-generation Gobi network chip

    With Nvidia announcing a compete smartphone platform and nipping at the market leader's metaphorical heels, Qualcomm isn't intent on slowing down for a minute. Earlier today benchmarks for the next generation of Snapdragon

    February 21, 2012 • Views: 146

  • Is AT&T capping upload speeds on 4G phones?

    There's a movement of angry Atrix fans who think that AT&T is capping upload speeds dramatically on the Atrix 4G. Comparing the new Motorola handset, users can see by using apps like SpeedTest that the Atrix 4G is not only

    March 4, 2011 • Views: 168

  • Samsung Galaxy S now Available in Germany

    This phone is making its way around the world, this time it lands in Germany. If you live in Germany you can now preorder the Samsung Galaxy S. this is without a doubt one of the best Android devices to be released in the near

    May 25, 2010 • Views: 113

  • Commtiva Passes The FCC With T-Mobile 3G Bands

    Another Android device will be hitting the market soon. This phone comes from a Chinese company named Commtiva. It will be sold through Cincinnati Bell which shares the same 3G bands as T-Mobile. Continue Reading...

    April 28, 2010 • Views: 168

  • LG introduces in Korea its First Android phone the Andro-1 LG-KH5200

    LG's first Android in South Korea will be called either Andro-1 or LG-KH5200. The company has yet to make it's way stateside but they have several Android phones in different markets around the world. It has a 3-inch touchscreen,

    March 10, 2010 • Views: 137

  • T-Mobile Pulse Mini Announced For Europe Video

    The battle for the small phone market is on. First there was HTC's Tattoo, the Sony announced the Mini X10 And Mini Pro with a keyboard. Now the Pulse Mini enters and it is bringing a weapon to the battle, a stylus. Continue

    February 16, 2010 • Views: 84

  • GeeksPhone One Android smartphone with TV Tuner

    Spanish firm GeeksPhone have unveiled their first Android smartphone, and if you weren't looking closely you could easily think they'd been taking part in the Andromnia project.  The GeeksPhone One is a Samsung-lookalike with a

    June 29, 2009 • Views: 253

  • Archos Android-based Internet Media Tablet MID coming

    Archos have announced plans to develop an Internet Media Tablet that will use the Android platform for wireless connectivity, voice and applications.  Based on Texas Instruments' OMAP 3 platform, the device - which has been

    February 9, 2009 • Views: 345