HP Touchpad

  • Evervolv ROM brings Android Marshmallow to HP TouchPad

    Remember the HP TouchPad? We can forgive you if you don’t – it was one of those things. The HP TouchPad was famously discontinued 49 days after it was launched. How that happened was a different story altogether, but suffice

    November 6, 2015 • Views: 5250

  • Ancient HP TouchPad able to run Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

    Remember that time around four years ago when manufacturers were scrambling to match Apple’s iPad, and HP came out with the TouchPad – which was a resounding loss? Yeah, most of you won’t even remember, but history does.

    April 29, 2015 • Views: 7254

  • HP Touchpad custom build brings in Android 4.2, Bluetooth functionality

    It is quite sad when a still-working device reaches its practical end of life when a manufacturer decides to cut off support for it. While you can still use the device, it means no longer getting fixes, updates, or even new

    August 8, 2013 • Views: 688

  • HP exec confirms smartphone is in the works

    Lately we've been seeing the popular PC manufacturer HP get back into the mobile space with their recently released HP Slate 7. Before that was their failed tablet running WebOS, and along with it were rumors of a smartphone.

    July 1, 2013 • Views: 252

  • Upcoming HP devices tipped to run Android

    Apparently, HP has been working on a tablet since Thanksgiving of last year. The tablet is said to be running on the Android operating system, and will also be one of the first tablets to ship with NVIDIA's Tegra 4 processor. Not

    February 13, 2013 • Views: 196

  • HP TouchPad gets a working camera with latest CyanogenMod builds

    It seems that some of the excitement has died down around running Android on the HP TouchPad tablet. But that thought aside, it looks like we are still seeing ROMs being released. And just recently, it looks like an updated CM9

    December 13, 2012 • Views: 1723

  • Core WebOS developers defect to Google

    It's not a popular fact among the Android faithful, but Ice Cream Sandwich has a lot of the same design DNA as HP's (and formerly Palm's) WebOS, thanks to designer Matias Duarte. Now Google is getting a fresh batch of concerts

    May 25, 2012 • Views: 196

  • 32GB HP TouchPad on sale for $195 – today only

    Ever since an insane fire sale chopped the price off of the HP TouchPad down to $100, the one and only WebOS tablet has become something of a modder's dandy. While they're nearly impossible to find at retail these days, the

    May 18, 2012 • Views: 251

  • HP TouchPad CM9 graduates to Alpha 2: we go hands-on

    It's been many a moon since I dusted off the old firesale HP TouchPad, but now that the CyanogenMod team has advanced its Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the tablet to Alpha 2, I figured it was time to give the mod-friendly slate

    February 24, 2012 • Views: 726

  • HP TouchPad CM9 Alpha 1 adds hardware video decoding

    IT's that time again, TouchPad owners: break out the recoveries and clear your download queue. The CyanogenMod 9 developers have posted the latest build of Ice cream Sandwich for the HP TouchPad, this time getting it to the lofty

    February 21, 2012 • Views: 211